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July 2013

storytelling and video – heads versus hearts.

When it comes to storytelling and video, heads are won by statistics but hearts are won by stories… that’s the exciting idea that Vicky Browning, Director of Charity Comms, explained to us when we sat down with her and asked for her tips on making video for charities.

charity video productionFor Vicky, being able to tell stories and to show supporters the people charities help and the reality of what charities do is a really effective way for charities to communicate: “I think that what’s really important about video is that it’s such a familiar medium for people. We’re all very used to watching moving images and moving image is a great way for charities to get into people’s lives and really get their messages across in a very human natural way.”

And by using storytelling video, telling people’s real stories, you’re moving away from facts and figures and the cold hard statistics of what a charity does and who they help, right into heart warming direct communication.

If you’d like to know more about Magneto’s approach to real people and how we can help your charity tell its stories, then call Gaby for a chat. She’s on 020 7274 2986 or

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