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March 2015

Top ten successful charity videos

Top Ten Successful Charity Videos

We spend a good few hours every week searching for the best new charity videos from around the world. It’s hard to narrow down our favourites, but here is a list of 10 charity films we think are some of the best.

You’ll find some that are funny, some that are sad and some are just plain shocking! But they’re all brilliant in their own way.

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1. The Pilion Trust

Fuck The Poor

‘F*ck the poor’ fast became one of my favourite charity films I’ve seen so far this year.

Shocking and controversial, the film has reached over 5 million views on YouTube alone. In 2014 the film went on to win three Silver and one Bronze Cannes Lions awards. Well deserved we say.

2. Donate Life

The World’s Biggest Arsehole

Charity video often plays it safe but here’s one that’s not afraid of risky humour to push home its message.  A laugh-out-loud funny charity video.

3. Parkinson's New South Wales

The Lucky Ones

This film actually made me exclaim on out loud when I watched it for the first time.  The film was directed by David Jagoda who’d undergone the same procedure 6 years ago. He’s also made a video about his experiences.

4. SuperBowl

No More.

A powerful ad from the US domestic abuse charity. Aired during the Super Bowl to 100 million plus and over 7 million views on YouTube. Powerful storytelling.

5. The Prince's Trust

Parallel Lives

Beautiful visual storytelling and a clever use of split screen makes this film watchable and powerful.

Very few charity films are bold enough to let the pictures do the talking and this film is a masterclass in using images to tell the story. Well worth a watch.

6. Friends of the Earth

Chloe and Will’s hot date night

A funny and innovative way to remind people to save their energy!

7. Rhian Touches Herself

Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.

A dark and seductive film with a bit of a twist…

Shot by Rankin himself, this film for Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is at over 7 million views on Youtube.


F-Bombs for Feminism

Very sweary girls pushing the cause of activist t-shirt vendors Controversial but very successful.

9. CoorDown

The Special Proposal

Love is in the air with this heartwarming film from CoorDown.

10. Most Shocking Second a Day Video

Save the Children.

Trend spotting and record busting use of a YouTube phenomenon. Careful choice of SEO algorithm friendly title and good seeding meant huge publicity and 45 millions views.

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5 wonderful viral charity video campaigns – how they did it

How to make a viral charity campaigns and videos.

I’ve spent the last few weeks watching dozens of films made by charities around the world and I’ve noticed that all the really successful films – the ones that go viral and reach MILLIONS of people – all make use of 5 key strategies.  So here are five great viral charity campaigns and their films and an outline of the easy to apply strategies that they use.

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