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May 2016

Ideas versus information. Creative video

Sometimes the best charity videos aren’t about the charity itself. They’re not about what it does, who it helps or how you can help them. Sometimes the best charity videos are about grabbing attention, making a connection and enabling viewers to see things in a different light. The most creative video focuses on ideas not just information.


This week’s film does just that: it’s a confrontational film that uses absurd humour and deadpan performances to highlight the fallacy that girls can’t write computer code.

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Audience is everything

The most important question a film company can ask is, who is your audience?

And the second question should be, what do you want them to do when they’ve watched your film? This week’s charity video is targeted like a laser on its audience and uses lots of easily understood techniques that can be adopted by any charity.

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Stylish charity films

Just because a you’re making a video for a good cause doesn’t mean that it has to be plain and simple. With a bit of planning and creative effort you can easily make a stylish charity film that showcases your cause in a visual and emotive way. Great work from Coor Down, Prostate Cancer UK and Save the Children.

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