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June 2016

The challenge of Facebook video

Making a film that works on a purely visual level is quite a challenge for film makers and with the massive increase in Facebook video as the medium of choice – it’s a challenge that we’ve got to meet head on.

This week’s film is wonderful example of a charity video that is clearly understandable and still emotional with the sound down.

The Four Minute Experiment: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

This film is based on a theory developed by psychologist Arthur Aron in 1997, that four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy, this film brings together refugees and residents of European countries.

Once the premise has been set up with a simple piece of text, the joy of the film is just watching as a series of strangers stare into each other’s eyes. Some people can’t resist talking, some can’t help but smile at each other and two children can’t help but leap to their feet and start playing tag. It’s hugely watchable and kept involved all the way through and once you’re hooked enough to watch and turn up the sound, then you’re rewarded with hearing their reactions to the experience. Look out for the young couple who obviously are deeply smitten by the process…..

This week I also watched…


A clever split screen film that contrasts the happy life a young woman has with the way it might have turned out if she hadn’t been helped by the Prince’s Trust.

Did You See Her? WOMEN’S AID

This film’s been getting a lot of attention in film circles and with it’s all star cast – Anne-Marie Duff and  Phil Davies – you can see why.

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