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August 2018

Volunteer Videos

How to make a volunteer video

This week we wanted to share some of the best volunteering videos we’ve seen from a variety of charities.

Volunteering films give people more information about the types of volunteering they can do, but can also be used as a call to action to get more people involved with your charity. 

We know that not all charities have the money to spend on high budget films though.

So here are 3 examples of films that can be made from low to higher budgets. They’ll give you an idea of what could work best for you.

1. No Cost – Oxfam

Vlog videos like these are brilliant at sharing people’s stories. And better yet they require no extra spending, just a smartphone with a camera and a free editing app (see here for some great suggestions…)

Jess tells us why she volunteers and why she loves doing it and the vlog style of film is also very personable and friendly. Sometimes the unscripted videos feel more real and engaging, which is a double bonus paired with this costing you zero pennies to make.

2. Low Cost – Dog’s Trust

The Dog’s Trust have made this film to share volunteers’ stories of fostering dogs for families fleeing domestic violence.

The film shows some lovely shots of the dogs in their foster homes and with their temporary owners, as well as interviews with them sharing their experiences.

3. Higher Cost – Air Ambulance

Here’s one we made earlier… If you have the budget, higher costing films allow you time and careful planning with producers, directors and editors to make the best film for you.

We worked with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance to make a film celebrating the charity and its volunteers, and encouraging more people to join the team.

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