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Latest charity videos

New charity video from Women’s Aid, RSPCA and Save the Children

This week we’ve been keeping our eye out for the latest charity films. From causing a stir on social media to a sheep with his head stuck in a traffic cone, we hope you enjoy our selection.

Take note

Some take away tips from this week’s videos.

1) Less is more. When left to the imagination, sometimes what you don’t see is more powerful than what you do see.

2) Strip it right back. Remember when youtube videos were grainy, unedited content that we watched just for entertainment? Bring that back. Not everything has to be polished to get your message across.

3) Push boundaries. We say it all the time, but being bold and brave with your charity film can be a risk that pays off big time. So go on and step outside the box, you know you want to.

Amnesty International – Snowflake

Okay this isn’t a recent release, but this 60 second film from Amnesty International is snappy, edgy and thought provoking and it deserves an honourable mention. It aims to grab a younger audience and it does just that by playing on the provocative label ‘snowflake’.

Start to finish this film is a winner, from the use of graphics and music to the final gut-punch delivery ‘Gonna cry some more? Or take some f*cking action.’

160,000 children – Women’s Aid

The quick cuts are jarring and the figures shocking, and this film is a masterpiece in visual storytelling. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that gives a story its powerful punch.

From its launch last week, 160,000 children has already picked up traction on social media and news outlets, with Fiona Pattison on Twitter describing it as ‘The most powerful and brilliant TV as I’ve seen from a charity in a long time.’

Censored – Save the Children

Similarly, Save the Children’s film creates impact through what we can’t see, blurring out horrific sights that young children are exposed to everyday. With a powerful message the film is doing its job and sparking important conversation on social.

RSPCA Inspector Diaries

Something as simple as a follow-my-day video injects personality and humour into your content, and it also utilises the many benefits of vlogging.

There’s something about the unpolished style of these types of videos that is appealing. The ‘Inspector Diaries’ series from RSPCA gets hundreds of views per video, as well as audience engagement in the comments section.

I mean, what makes for better content than a sheep with a traffic cone on his head…

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