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Video production for trade associations and professional bodies

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Working with trade associations and professional organisations

Magneto Films frequently works on video production for trade associations and professional bodies.

We work with national trade bodies like Crest – the UK Cyber Security Industry – and membership organisations such as the General Pharmaceutical Council to create video content to promote a whole industry or create a specific marketing message.

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Business videos aren’t always about sales and marketing, sometimes they’re about supporting staff and letting people know that you’re there in times of need.

Our expertise in working with real people’s stories and in the charitable sector, makes us a natural choice for professional organisations who need video content.

The whole process from interviewing the case study, scripting and organising the shoot was seamless.

logo for benevolent organisation

promotional video for trade organisation



CREST is the professional association for the UK cyber security industry and they represent companies that deal with everything from penetration testing to email security.

They commissioned Magneto Films to produce a film that could be used to promote the UK industry at events around the world. We’ve since collaborated with them to produce a series of training film for UK police forces.

professional organisation video

General Pharmaceutical Council


This professional membership organisation for pharmacists commissioned this animated video to highlight their work on professional standards.

We produced a crisp informative film that also incorporated some of their own existing content.

what we do video



NewstrAid is the benevolent association for the newspaper distribution and sales trade. They commissioned us to make a film that shows how they help employees and their dependents through testing times.

The film features 3 case studies, each telling their story and explaining how business support made a difference to them.

case study video for professional organisation

Education Support Trust


This professional membership organisation for teachers commissioned us to make a series of films to showcase their work.

We made them a personal and authentic video that tells the story of Sasha and how she was helped. We’ve gone on to work many times with Ed Support.

supporting members during illness

The Benevolent


The Benevolent is the trade association for the drinks industry, and they wanted a film to let members know that they can support them through times of hardship.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a video production company that produces professional business video, and we work extensively with professional bodies and trade associations.

Video production for trade associations

Magneto makes video content  for marketing campaigns, professional development, and for information & awareness.

Case study video

Many of our films feature real people’s stories, creating powerful emotional journeys and authentic user experiences.

Real people. Real stories

We work with respect and patience, allowing people to share their experiences in a positive way.

Working with the coronavirus lockdown

Magneto Films


How to keep making charity video safely

We’re still here and we’re still working

Like many companies, we’ve moved over to a system of homeworking. In fact we made the change a week before the formal announcement. We wanted to protect our team and it seemed sensible to get a system up and running in a calm and un-pressured way.

So far it’s working well and we’re using a combination of FaceTime chats, shared drives, remote working software and good old fashioned email to keep things moving.

Time to let people know how you can help

We’ve found that lot of charities are keen to keep making video because their clients need to know what help is available, so we’re making films that offer advice or just let people know that charities are still there and still helping.

And donors supporters know that charities are facing a tough time too, so we’ve been making emergency appeal films and fundraising videos.

Three safe ways to keep making charity videos

Under the current circumstances it might feel like all charity video projects need to be put on hold for social distancing reasons, but there are ways that you can keep using video to stay in touch with your clients and supporters.

Most people have stopped their location filming but we’re still able to keep making films by using three effective techniques.

1. Reusing existing footage

Now is the time to repurpose older films. Or maybe you have footage you haven’t used yet? Think about how you can use existing footage to tell new stories and raise awareness of current needs you have.

Compilation Films

If you’ve made several films, it’s really effective to edit together a new film using the very best bits of the previous ones. It’s a great way to tell several stories at once and to show the range and breadth of the help you offer.

To show you an example of what we mean, here’s a compilation film we made for Anthony Nolan using individual case study films we produced over the year. By bringing all the films together into one, it really demonstrates the breadth of work the charity do and the different people who get involved.

Social Media Versions

One of the best ways to re-purpose existing material is to make short social media cuts – think 30 second bites offering advice, sharing information or just telling people how to get the help you’re offering.

2. Stock footage

An alternative to shooting your own content is to use existing stock footage, which is easily accessible online.  Stock footage offers up a lot of freedom due to the wide variety of visual content out there. This footage can be edited with graphics or voiceovers to share your key messages.

We made this film for Consumers International entirely out of stock footage, which we paired with a scripted voiceover.

3. User generated content

And finally, a great way to film new content while sticking to the government guidelines is to ask people to film from their own homes.

These days most people have access to a smartphone and are used to filming and sharing moments of their day. Why not ask staff, supporters or service users to film themselves. After that, we’ll do all the hard work for you and make it into a film.

 Some more ideas and hints

Explainer Videos & Animations

So many people are looking for help and advice right now, so videos that explain how you can help or how people can get access to help and support are invaluable. They don’t have to be complicated or expensive: a combination of clean text animation, voice over and even screen recording is very effective.

Professional Voice Overs

We’ve got a roster of hugely talented VO artists who all work from home: they have professional recording set ups and can send a full quality voice over to us within a matter of hours.


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