5 videos that we’re proud of … and why!

By June 9, 2020Case Studies

Magneto Films


We make good films for good companies and we love what we do.

Magneto Films is a busy video production agency and each year we work with dozens of brands, organisations and charities. And each year we make upwards of 100 films.

The ones that stand out for us aren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest budgets or the most challenging creative concepts.

The videos that stand out for us are the ones that create a real feeling of connection, that help a company achieve something good or simply tell a wonderful story.

So here are 5 videos that make us proud.

Mid & South Essex NHS

NHS staff welcome video

Mid and South Essex NHS wanted a film to share their values and aims with new staff, and to help existing staff understand how 3 newly merged trusts would work together.

We helped them come up with a film that’s full of friendly faces, and features staff from roles from cleaner to surgeon delivering scripted lines to camera. The idea depended on getting natural and engaging performances from more than 20 staff, so our experience in directing real people was essential.

“Our staff really enjoyed working with you and had only great things to say. You delivered a video that makes us proud, smile and is a great medium for us to show our new and potential staff.” Jackie Boore, Head of HR Projects

Helen and Douglas House Children's Hospice

Charity fundraising video

Helen & Douglas House wanted an effective fundraising film, something fresh and different from the usual charity appeal. We worked with them to understand their audience and to learn what inspired people to donate, what they valued about the hospice.

We then created this emotional and uplifting film that combines a personality driven script with beautifully shot moments from everyday life at the hospice.

“The film is absolutely gorgeous and we love it, and everyone who is featured is so positive about it.”  Sarah Harding, Head of Brand & Marketing.

Consumers International

Brand Video

Consumers International – a worldwide NGO – had the unique opportunity of presenting a film to Heads of State and Finance Ministers at a G7 conference. They came to us with a tricky request: make us a film that alerts these VIPs to the concept of trust in a digital world.

We crafted them a film that reminds viewers that so much of daily life depends on the unspoken idea trust, and then showed them what life would be without it.

“The film was so well received and absolutely nailed the brief. It gave delegates a completely different view of who we are and what we do” Suzi Price, Head of Communications


Staff training video

Sometimes the most effective films are the simplest, and we take great pride in producing simple films that do their jobs. This training film for market research giants Ipsos MORI is a great example.

It’s clear, informative and crisply made but more importantly it enable MORI to train 300 researchers to take part in their ground breaking Child of the Millennium Study.

“Magneto really understood what we needed and were incredibly flexible and accommodating, delivering to a very demanding schedule. We have been so pleased with the final products: professional and engaging films that have significantly improved the quality of our training.” Dr Rachel Williams, Research Director

Anthony Nolan

Cinema & TV advert

We love this film – made for Anthony Nolan – for its pure visuals and punchy sound. The client came to us with an idea for a series of still images with a voice over – we convinced them to go with a live action treatment combined with a powerful sound mix.

The finished product was viewed more than a million times and really grabbed audience attention.

“Magneto were fantastic to work with, the shoot ran smoothly and the team went out of their way to ensure people being filmed felt relaxed and enjoyed the shoot. The video has performed brilliantly and we are thrilled with the results across our media channels.”  Rachel Geron, Senior Marketing Manager

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a full service video production company working with businesses, brands, the public sector and charities. Our clients include NHS England, British Transport Police, The Children’s Society and Anthony Nolan.

We make a wide range of films including case studies, explainer video and testimonials, brand video and marketing videos.

So the chances are that if you’re thinking of making video, we’ve made one just like it.