Animated video production for a professional association

Animated video production
The Bar Council

Animated explainer video for legal professionals

The Bar Council, the professional body for barristers, commissioned Magneto Films for an animated video production project to support its members. They wanted to let members of the legal profession know how they’d been supporting people during the pandemic. They were keen on a well paced and visually rich style that would communicate some key stats and outline the measures the Bar Council had taken to keep staff safe, offer advice and improve access to court premises.

The video also needed to give an insight into the funding requirements of the organisation and to let members know how their membership fees and donations were being used.

Keeping members up to date by using video

Commissioning and producing an animated explainer video often means working with a number of stakeholders on the client side, and a number of creatives on the agency side – in this case a writer, producer and an animator.

To manage the process we have a well defined production route and in this case we created a draft script – to explore ideas and tone of voice –  and a series of style frames – to show the animation would look and to showcase brand colours etc.

Once we had agreed a style and tone of voice, we wrote the voice over script, recorded a demo version and produced an initial animation. This was sent for approval and then when amended and agreed, we recorded the final voice over and delivered the finished explainer, complete with music and professsional voice over.

Explainer video for websites and social media

Animated explainer video is an excellent way for professional bodies and trade associations to communicate with members: it’s flexible and allows busy people to watch at a time that’s convenient to them; it can be emailed or sent as a link; and it’s ideal to showcase on social media or embed in websites.

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Animated video production for the Bar Council
animted explainer | London video agency | Magneto Films
animted explainer | London video agency | Magneto Films
animted explainer | London video agency | Magneto Films

About Magneto Films

Animation video production

Magneto Films has worked on a wide variety animated video production projects, creating compelling and watchable content that includes explainer video, marketing films and promo videos, and social media content.

Working with trade associations and professional bodies

As a London video production agency we frequently work with membership groups, benevolent societies and professonal associations. Our clients include The Bar Council, The General Pharmaceutical Council, CREST (cyber security) and Education Support.

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