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Creating an impact with video animation

Video animation is a creative and engaging way to get your message across to a wide audience. It’s friendly, accessible, and easy to create. And it can seamlessly fit with your organisation’s visual identity and tone of voice.

An animation studio that’s been working with businesses and organisations for the past ten years, Magneto Films has an excellent understanding of the latest animation techniques and also the needs of our clients.

Audiences love animated videos because they’re clear and get to the point, making them ideal for explainer videos or introducing ideas or strategies.

Magneto Films is an animation company based in London. We work with clients across the board and have particularly strong connections to the public sector, health care and the NHS and with charities.

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Animated explainer video for British Transport Police

The British Transport Police are responsible for keeping the UK’s rail and underground network safe and secure. They commissioned this video alert staff to the impressive results the force had achieved during the Covid lockdown.

We came up with a creative treatment that combined 2D animation with a voice over and some additional text elements. This meant that the animation could be quickly updated as the results changed.

We provided a series of initial sketches and samples – based on their own brand identity – and then worked quickly to deliver the final film.

The team was friendly, efficient and nailed the brief.

animation studio | Magneto Films | London

Video animation is an ideal way to

Explain things clearly

Animations can be scripted and planned in a way that’s hard to achieve with live action video. That makes is ideal for explainer videos or for communicating impact.

Appeal to a broad audience

Animation appeals to all ages and backgrounds and by creating a range characters and locations you can make sure that you’re reflecting your audience and ensuring diversity.

Create social media content

With video animation you can make films that work right across social media channels, and great visual storytelling means that animated video works without sound or clunky subtitles.

Fit with brand identity

By drawing on the elements of your brand identity or website like colour scheme, logo, typeface and tone of voice, an animated video can fit seamlessly into your channels.

How organisations are using animations successfully and creatively

Communicating impact


Newstraid are the support body for the newspaper and magazine distribution industry.

We made them this animated infographic video to help them communicate the impact they have by producing a video that combines live action, stock footage and bold animated text to create an impact of its own.

Promoting professional standards

General Pharmaceutical Council

The General Pharmaceutical Council maintains standards in the profession.

They commissioned this animated video to let members know what’s expected of them under a new regulatory regime.

Charity animation

Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK funds life saving research and supports families.

They use this animated explainer video to explain exactly what a brian tumour is and how it’s treated.  We combined live action – a young survivor and an expert – with hand drawn animations.

Reaching a targeted audience

Consumers International

Consumers International are a worldwide NGO and campaigning organisation.

They commissioned this animation to be shown to delegates at a G7 conference, to introduce the concept of creating digital trust – reliable and equal treatment for all in the online world.

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Types of video animation

There are lots of different types of animation and which one you choose will depend on the look and feel you like and also the budget.

As a well established animation studio, Magneto Films makes animations of all types, working either with our in-house designers or with a small roster of highly skilled specialist animators.

Here’s a brief run down of the types of animation we produce and how you might use them:

Animated explainer video

Ideal for helping your audience get to grips with a new product or service, or for explaining important information in an easy to understand way.


If you need to explain the impact your having, deliver some impressive results or talk people through a process, then an animated infographic is the way to go.

Whiteboard animation

A visually appealing animation that combines storytelling with hand drawn art work, these are often the quickest and simplest to produce.

animation studio | Magneto Films | london
video animation | Magneto Films | london

2D Animation

This is the type of video animation that most people are familiar with and it’s used for everything from The Simpsons to Facebook adverts. Colourful, accessible and relatively easy to make.

Text and figures

Sometimes a full animation isn’t needed and a combination of words and numbers over an appropriate background is the most cost effective and productive choice.


If you’ve got a complicated story to tell or you need to preserve anonymity then an animation can create an engaging and cinematic way to reach your audience.

Working with an animation studio

Magneto Films is an animation company working with brands, businesses and the public sector, as well as charities.

Animation video production has its own procedures and having an understanding of the process will help you get the best from your video. So here’s a brief guide to how we make an animation:

Creative ideas

We spend time to understand the brief and what our clients want to achieve, and also who the audience is. We then produce 1 or 2 creative treatments that fit the brief and submit them for review and selection.


Scripting is key for animation production. We write a script for every film we make and it’s a great opportunity for clients to check their messaging and to ensure the film is delivering everything they need.

Storyboards and style frames

Animation can be a time consuming process, so it’s useful to produce either a full storyboard that shows how the video runs or a series of style frames that will show the style of illustration, the colours to be used and the overall look of the film.


Using a demo version of the voice over together with the style frames, we create the first version of the animation, complete with music and sound effects. This is then reviewed an amended – including any script changes.

Voice Over

Once the animation is complete and the script has been finalised, we’ll record the voice over. We provide clients with a short list of specially cast voice over artists and arrange for the chosen performer to record the script.

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All you need to know about producing a video animation

As a leading case study video agency, we’re used to helping clients through the process of making films that get the results they want.

If you’re thinking of making some case study videos, you’ve probably got a few questions. So here are the ones we’re most frequently asked.

Why work with an animation studio?

A professional animation company will have all the resources and experience you need to ensure an efficient production and high quality production. They’ll be able to provide all the services you need – from scripting to music and casting voice over artists.

How much does it cost to produce a video animation?

Animation doesn’t have to be expensive: our simple animated explainer videos start at around £1500 and more complex films can cost up to £5,000. We’re always happy to suggest an approach that will make the most of any budget.

What type of animated video do you produce?

We make all types of animations from animated explainer video and infographics, right up to full scale 2D and 4D animations. We work with businesses, software companies, charities and local authorities.

What's the process for making an animation?

For most animations, we start with a script that contains all the information you need to get across, then we produce storyboards and style frames and get those signed off. The next step is to create the animation, and once the client is happy, we record the final voice over and deliver the film.

Why do organisations make animations?

Animations are easy to make and deliver measurable results. They can be tailored to match a brand identity, customised to different platforms and easiy translated into different languages.

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