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Behind The Scenes Video

How charities use bloopers to boost campaigns

David Attenborough does it. So does Star Wars.  Even Paddington Bear. They’ve all made behind the scenes videos. And if it works for them, then charities should definitely be getting in on the action.

      –  They’re easy to do – you can even shoot them on a smart phone

      –  They’re great for social media to drive attention to the main film

      –  And they allow you to put a face to your brand in an informal way

People are nosy… make the most of it

Taking people behind the scenes isn’t just fun, it’s actually beneficial to your business. It humanises your company and helps build trust with your audienceHonesty goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to serve up stumbles and mistakes!

Refresh your campaign

You can also use behind the scenes videos as a way to refresh and bring more attention to a recent campaign. Why not use it as an opportunity to explain the reasons and motivations behind the film? You can give more context in a relaxed and informal way, and perhaps reach supporters who might otherwise not have been engaged.

Stone’s Throw Media – Dogs Trust

Perks of the job

If you make films regularly, behind the scenes videos are a great way to boost your business and show potential clients what it’s like to work with you. Stones Throw Media do this brilliantly, including for a recent collaboration with Dogs Trust.

It features dogs. And puppies. Enough said.

They also recently made a film for Compton Hospice, challenging people’s assumptions of hospices and their patients.

Scope – BTS & Bloopers

Embrace the awkward

Scope share some great bloopers and anecdotes for their #EndTheAwkward campaign, produced by George & Dragon.

They give context and explain motivations behind the campaign, alongside people’s honest experiences, working nicely to further raise awareness for the charity.

Alzheimer’s Society – The process

Looking at context

Alzheimer’s Society teamed up with Thirty Two to make their first ever TV ad, and wanted to share the production process.

They clearly outline their intentions for making the ad, what they wanted to achieve and why, and at the same time give a glimpse into the exciting world of video production.

Macmillan – Game Changers

Giving back

Behind the scenes videos are also great for following fundraising events.

You can show people doing fun and silly things, thank your supporters and show how their donations have helped.

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