3 of the best charity videos featuring animals

It was too tempting. Somehow I’ve been drawn to watching animal campaign films this week. I blame the dalmations…. so here are three of the best charity videos from around the world featuring animals.

1. #Skinchecker: L’Oreal

OK, so it’s not a charity and it doesn’t have a warm and furry title but this American ad for L’Oreal brand LaRoche-Posay, had me from the start.

The thinking (and some hefty stats from IPSOS) behind the campaign is that whilst most people in the USA wear sun protection some of the time (80%) they are less good at checking themselves for sun damage and even worse at checking a loved one for nasty looking moles. The hope is that a shareable campaign with some downloadable info on checking for skin cancers will result in a huge uptake on social media. Beautiful photography and classic editing combined with a retro doo-wop soundtrack really make this an attention grabber…. but a part of me can’t help but feel that this is a little over-engineered to tug on the heartstrings.

2. How well do you know your best friend?: Animals Australia

A neat and revealing film that plays off  owners’ pride in their pure bred dogs against the terrible reality of puppy farms.

Like many really good ads, this film for an Australian animal charity takes a single clear idea and works it with clarity and consistency. The central message of the ad is that many animals bought over the internet are from un-scrupulous breeders and are reared in puppy-farms. The ad uses a combination of simple ‘moving portraits’ of owners and pets, with scripted voice over. Then there’s the reveal of what the puppy farm may look like. This repeats 3 times with different owners and breeds before the charity message and call to action.

3. Unloved: Mayhew Animal Home

Simple but effective storytelling drives this ad along and delivers a satisfying reveal that pushes home the charity’s message.

In this film for UK animal charity, The Mayhew, we meet three people who do jobs that can attract aggression and stress – a football ref, a public opinion surveyor and a bouncer. We see them being shouted at, ignored or even threatened and then at the end of the film we see each of them being greeted by their pets and we the unconditional love a pet can give.  Not new – it’s from last year – but it’s being run again. A pro-bono production by a v big agency….

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