Campaign Video Production

A well made campaign video can really maximise the awareness of your campaign. Video content is  perfect for sharing, and broadcasters & news outlets love to use films to add to a story.

We’ve helped Mind to get coverage in The Guardian and Huffington Post.  And our campaign film earned Dogs Trust 120,000 views in just 24 hours.

Video really should be part of your content strategy, helping to attract visitors and create engagement.

Campaign video for brands, charities, healthcare & tech.

We’ve made campaign films to help brands and charities to leverage the reach of their campaign and an effective video can transform the impact of a campaign.

If you’re thinking of making a film, then why not give us a ring for a friendly chat? 020 7274 2986

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We often blog about making campaign films and awareness videos and we share our tips on making great films. We also produce round-ups of the best video marketing campaigns that we’ve seen and highlight great video campaign ideas. Have a look at our blogs for some inspirational video content.

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The best video marketing campaign ever?

We love these films from Poo-Pourri!