Case study video for technology company

Case Study Video
Network Control Group & Gorillas

Case study video production

Network Control Group provide internet and technology services to companies across the globe, working with some of the biggest names in tech. They commissioned this case study video to explain how they’ve been helping GOrolas – the on demand grocery delivery service – grow their offering, open new hubs and maximise their speed and connectivity.

We created a testimonial video that quickly explained who Gorillas are, what they do and how they do it, before taking a deeper dive into the ways that NCG has helped this fast growing tech company, and the results they’ve been able to achieve.

Creating a suite of client endorsements

This film is one of three case studies that we’ve made for NCG, each one featuring a client giving insight into their services and the technology they provide.

Testimonial video

Magneto has a long track record in working with technology companies to produce client testimonial videos, and we’re adept at getting to the heart of client/provider relationships, explaining what the technology is and how it helps clients push their priorities ahead. We’ve made cases study video featuring technology companies including Hotjar, Hubspot, F-Secure and Expedia.

Superb work as always, thank you!

testimonial video production

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Case study video for technology company
Case study video for technology company-

About Magneto Films

Testimonial video production for technology companies

Magneto has excellent experience of testimonial video production and we frequently work with technology companies to create case study videos that feature the experiences and endorsements of their key customers. Previous testimonial videos have featured Hubspot, Hotjar, Bentley, Expedia and many other tech companies. We’re adept at carefully crafting testimonials so that they tell the story of customers, making clear the features and benefits that make a real difference to them, whilst also subtly explaining what a product does and how it works.

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