Case Study Video Production

Making case studies is one of our specialities.

We’ve made wonderful case studies for clients ranging from the British Library and the NHS, to Dementia UK, Ford Motors and Johnson & Johnson.

Engaging personal endorsements based on customer experiences and clients personal stories are perfect for breaking away from traditional corporate video. They really help your customers understand how you can help them.

Case study videos for brands, charities, healthcare & tech.

Whether you’re showcasing software, explaining how your charity helps people or demonstrating the success of a product, featuring the people and organisations that you’ve helped is a perfect way to capture viewers’ hearts and minds.

If you’re thinking of making a case study, then why not give us a ring for a friendly chat? 020 7274 2986

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Blogs about case studies

We often blog about making case study videos and we share our tips on making great film and showcase the best examples that we’ve seen. They can be a bit trickier to make than a standard promotional video so it’s worth watching some examples and getting some ideas.