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Case study video featuring the people you've helped
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Making an impact with case study videos

Case study videos are a creative alternative to a traditional corporate video, bringing character to your work and showing the human side of your services.  They’re an essential part of a video marketing strategy.

Magneto Films is a video production agency based in London and the East Midlands. We work with brands, small businesses, the public sector and charities.

Case study video really helps your customers understand who you are and how you can help them.  By featuring real people, case study video creates a genuine connection with  your audience. And that makes it easier for them to reach out to you.

Magneto Films has made wonderful case studies for clients ranging from the British Library and the NHS, to Dementia UK and Anthony Nolan, to Ford Motors and Johnson & Johnson.

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case study video production | Magneto Films | London
Play Hotjar case study


Case study video production for software company

Hotjar is a website behaviour analytics company. They wanted a business case study video that would explain what they do and how they help, in a friendly and persuasive fashion.

They were keen that the video demonstrated key aspects of their software and showed how it made a real and measureable difference to their client’s business. They had a high-profile client in mind – – who’d used their service and were happy to help.

We worked with them to craft a natural sounding script – based on pre-shoot interviews with the contributor – and then planned and executed a shoot that fitted around the working life of a busy office.

Hotjar were so pleased with the effectiveness of the film that they commissioned us to make 3 further case study videos.

Working with Magneto films is always a pleasure! They deliver a powerful narrative that captures our tone & style perfectly.

Hotjar website visitor behaviour analytics

Case study videos are ideal for

Showcasing products or services

What could be more effective than seeing a satisfied customer using your product in a real world setting, explaining why they chose you and how you helped solve their problem?

Introducing your team

Making a case study video is a perfect way to show your team’s talents and characters. People like to buy from someone they know, and a video is an effective way to break the ice.

Demonstrating results

Combining a real life success story with hard facts and figures creates a compelling argument for your organisation and presents it in a way that’s easy to watch and remember.

Creating character & personality

Putting a human face to your organisation is one of the most powerful advertising techniques – just think of those runners in the 118118 ads – and video is a proven way to do this.

Using case study video to connect with customers & audiences

Case study video for tech company

Network Control Group and Gorillas

NCG make access systems for business, enabling clients to control who enters their premises and how they access the internet.

In this business testimonial, the on-demand grocery delivery business Gorillas explain how NCG makes innovation possible for them.

Case study video for healthcare

Global Alliance for Patient Access

This international patients’ health group wanted a case study video to demonstrate the effectiveness of their cholesterol reduction programme.

We made them a moving video that tells the story of how Stephen’s life was turned around.

NHS case study film

NHS England

The NHS needed a series of films to let people know about the availability of personal health care budgets, enabling people to take control of their treatment.

We made a set of testimonial films, demonstating a number of ways in which these budgets have improved people’s lives.

Demonstrating success for a data business

AWA and Canon UK

AWA are a conversion rate optimization agency and they’re using this case study film to showcase the results they’ve achieved for an important client.

They also use their video to show their team in action and to demonstrate their effective working relationship.

Marketing & promoting a professional body


Newstraid is the newspaper sales and distribution benevolent association.

They use this case study video to introduce the people they help and support. They also make successful use of it for event fundraising and for in-person appeals to corporate sponsors.

Creating an emotional appeal for a charity

Anthony Nolan

Leading blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan are using this case study film to show how their work literally saves lives.

They tell the story of stem cell donor Imogen meeting Claire, who’s life she help save, to create this very personal film that’s increasing online engagement and fundraising.

Explaining an app with real experiences

Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis made good use of a case study production to bringing personality to an app for teenagers.

In this film we meet a group of teenagers who tell us about their lives with arthritis and explain how this pain tracking app helps them live with their chronic condition.

Magneto worked hard to create a moving narrative that told the real story of what life is like for patients and their families.

case study video agency | Magneto Films | London

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What makes a great case study video?

Magneto Films has been involved in video case study production for the last 10 years and we’re experts in bringing real people’s experiences to the screen. We know that to be effective case study video needs to be fresh and interesting.

So here are our top tips for making a compelling case study film.

Start with a great character

Finding the right person to feature in a case study film is essential.

We like to start with a short list of candidates: we interview them over the phone, get to know them and understand their stories. Then we can recommend the best person to our clients.

Plan some action

Great case studies are about showing, not just telling.

So think about what your character can do not just what they’re going to say. In the industry we call it B-Roll – and we put a lot of effort into planning things that bring the story to life.

A good case study film will have 3 or 4 simple sequences – these could be things like using the product or chatting with colleagues, plus something personal like a hobby.

case study film production | Magneto Films | London
video case study production | Magneto Films | London

Location. Location. Location.

A great venue can really help bring value to your case study so try not to rely on the board room or a standard office.

Home environments are great, or outside spaces and hiring a stylish AirBnB can be a cost effective way to bring a glossy look to a case study video production

Tell me a story

Think about your audience, what would make someone strop scrolling and watch your video?

A great story gives them something to watch and share. We pay a lot of attention to helping our clients identify and shape really great stories for their case studies.

Key Messages

You can’t include everything in a short film, so planning 1 or 2 key messages for a case study is ideal.

And don’t forget results – it’s fine to include some hard facts and figures that prove your success.

About Magneto Films - case study video production London

Magneto Films is a video production agency working with businesses, the public sector and charities.

Our films often feature real people and their stories and we’re highly experienced at making films that blend emotional story telling with brand messages and statements.

We’ve got over ten years experience as a case study film production company, and we’ve worked with organisations that range from the NHS to Ford.

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Related services

All you need to know about case study video production.

As a leading case study video agency, we’re used to helping clients through the process of making films that get the results they want.

If you’re thinking of making some case study videos, you’ve probably got a few questions. So here are the ones we’re most frequently asked.

Why do organisations make case study videos?

Businesses make case study films because they want to show potential customers a very human side of their products or services. They’re a great opportunity to use storytelling and character to show what you do and how you do, it a way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. By focusing on success stories a case study video shows that you’re effective at what you do.

Charities use case studies to show people the help they offer, or to create an emotional bond for fundraising.

What sort of organisations get involved in case study video production?

We’ve made case study films for all sort of businesses and organisations. We work with software and tech companies to show how their products work in real life situations; we work with pharmaceutical companies to explain symptoms, therapies and life hacks; and we work with charities and the public sector to create films full of character and emotion.

How long does it take to make a case study video?

The turn around time for case study video production is around 2 weeks but we’ve produced them in as little as 2 days! Actual time on location is usually a minimum of 3 hours up to a day.

Will it be tricky to get our clients involved?

If you’ve helped someone achieve something they’re proud of then usually they’re pleased to be asked. We work hard to make sure there’s minimal impact on their working day: we plan and discuss things well in advance, make sure people know what we’d like to film and shoot to a tight schedule and script.

We’ve got loads of ideas – too many for one film?

Like any other film, case study video works best when it’s tightly focused – two or three main points or key messages, and preferably just one or two characters. If you’ve got lots of people to feature and lots of things to say, then it’s usually best to make several films, which can actually be more cost effective as a case study video production agency will usually give a better price for several films.

How much does a case study film cost?

You should budget for between £2000 and £5000 for case study video production. The cost will vary according to the time it takes to plan and shoot, whether you need additional versions for social media, and any other production costs like transport, accommodation or location hire.

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