Friday Film Club – Great Video Production

A cinematic founder’s story: Friday Film Club 8th March

runner burundi

Friday Film Club

Every Friday we try and get the team together to share and watch films that we’ve found inspiring. It’s a great way to keep up to date with new techniques and ways of telling stories.

This week we’ve been watching video from Great Lakes Outreach – who work in Burundi –  and Helen & Douglas House – a children’s hospice.

Great Lakes Outreach - The Runner


A stylish and cinematic way of telling a founder’s story and explaining exactly what a charity does.


Beautiful photography –  gorgeous slo-mo and imaginative shots.

Unusual storytelling – a clever hook and staggering personal story drive the narrative.

Great sound – lots of background noise and sound effects create real atmosphere.

Helen & Douglas House - Every Little Life


A clever new way of explaining what the charity does.


Natural conversations – lovely snippets of sweet chats between staff and kids.

Using interviews in unusual ways – no staged, sit down interviews, instead they use voice over and pics to great effect.