Charity animation videos

Charity Animation Videos

This week I’m looking at the best charity animation videos and I’m madly impressed by the creativity of the film makers and the sheer variety of the creative approaches available. Great work from NSPCC, Forced Marriage Unit and the Children’s Commissioner.

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1. OUR GIRL: Forced Marriage Unit and AVA.

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This film is a wonderful combination of animation and live action.

I’m a huge fan of the work of the company that made this charity animation. They’re called Animage and they’re run by film maker Ruth Beni, who wrote and directed this film. Animation was by Erica Russell. Their work is hard hitting but sensitively done: making beautiful and watchable films about tough subjects is a rare skill and I encourage you to watch this video.

I’ve blogged about their work before – they made a very creative film about FGM using animated needlecraft.

They say “‘Our Girl’ is a three minute film aimed at getting communities talking and acting towards putting a stop to forced marriage. The film is part animated and it features several filmed scenarios, all based on true cases of forced marriage.”

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2. JAMILA’s STORY: Children’s Commissioner

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A mixture of stop-frame animation and  a voice-over by children makes this beautifully watchable.

Made by Creative Connection for the Children’s Commissioner, this film is one of a series of six films that look at issues facing young people. Apparently these films took an age to make but when you watch the finished results you can see where the work has gone in. Creative and compelling and I love the way they’ve used the voices of real children, with all their hesitations and stumbles, to tell the stories. Great work.

Their blog has some great reviews of other films and even some tips on how to make your own hand-drawn animations. They look like good people!

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Haunting visuals are used to illustrate a survivor’s story in this wonderfully engaging animation.

Made by a company called Moth, this film uses a technique that I’ve long wanted to use for charity animation videos: they’ve recorded the voice of a woman they’ve called Sarah and used her experiences to produce an animation. It gives anonymity to somebody who is brave enough to share their experiences whilst immediately reassuring  the viewer that this is real story.

I’d really recommend looking at Moth’s website – they’ve produced some great work for clients that range from the NSPCC to WWF, the Guardian, Kiehls and Granta. A very talented bunch of people.

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