Charity Brand Video for TV Advert

Charity Brand Advert
NHS Charities Together

Charity video production

NHS Charities Together commissioned Magneto Films to make their very first TV brand advert.  Magneto provided all agency services on this production, from concept development and execution, to casting voice over actors and producing every step of the project, from script writing to post production and sound mixing.

We also managed the approval process with Clearcast and then scheduled final delivery to the buying agency and TV channels.

Brand video

The client was keen to build on their existing comms strategy and to make use of user generated images – in this case still photographs – supplied by their members: they decided it was cost efficient and reflected their brand.

We built on this idea to create a TV advert that uses crisp editing, bold sound design and attention grabbing graphics.


NHS Charities Together wanted a charity brand video that would explain who they are and what they do, and to let people know that they represent more than 250 individual charities, each attached to an NHS Hospital or Trust. We came up with a concept that focused on the idea of ‘together’ – it sums up their approach and helps create an identity distinct from the NHS or charity sectors. Our copywriting team refined the idea and created draft scripts which were then reviewed and amended until the client was happy.

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Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films
Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films
Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films
Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films
Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films
Charity Brand Video | TV advert | Magneto Films

About Magneto Films

Charity brand video production

Magneto frequently works with charities to produce brand videos that are impactful, emotional and effective. Our recent productions include films for Dementia UK to launch their first brand campaign; Anthony Nolan, to explain their history and research; Workers Education Association, to promote their adult learning services; and Glassdoor, to show how they work with homeless people.

We work closely with charity clients, offering  a full range of video production services ranging from script and copywriting, to production management and location finding, right through to editing and post production.

charity video production

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