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Charity Case Study
Anthony Nolan

Case study video

Anthony Nolan are a leading blood cancer charity and Magneto has established a close working relationship with them, producing more that a dozen charity case study videos, and several brand and marketing videos. For this production, Anthony Nolan commissioned a series of 5 case studies to go alongside the brand film that we made to mark a signficant milestone in the charity’s history: the 50th anniversary of their founder’s birth.

These case studies each reveal a different side to the way people engage with Anthony Nolan and they tell the stories of a mother whose young daughter was diagnosed with blood cancer, a scientist who is researching new treatments, a nurse who is pushing new boundaries in patient care, and Ezra young donor who helped save a life.

Ezra’s story was filmed on location in Coventry.

Testimonials & real experiences

Featuring testimonials from the people you work with or the people you help, is an excellent way of demonstrating impact or helping an audience getting a very personal view of your work. In this case, we featured a broad range of Anthony Nolan’s supporters, volunteers and staff, showcasing a range of real experiences and personal stories.

Charity production specialists

Magneto Films has more than 12 years experience of workig with some of the UK’s biggest charities to make moving and informative case study video. We’re adept at creating films that are emotionally engaging and convey information or brand messages in an authentic way. Our current and recent clients include Education Support, Target Ovarian Cancer, Dementia UK and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

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Charity Brand Video | Magneto Films | London
Charity Brand Video | Magneto Films | London
Charity Brand Video | Magneto Films | London

About Magneto Films

Charity case study video

Over the past decade we’ve made dozens of case study videos for charities all round the UK. Our teams are highly experienced at working with the people who are sharing their stories, and we operate with discretion and respect, making sure that whether we’re with a CEO, a clinician or a charity’s beneficiaries, we leave them feeling happy and confident that they’ve shown their best side.

We can help with all aspects of making a case study video, from casting and conducting initial research interviews, to producing scripts and shooting schedules, right through to running the shoot and delivering the edit.

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