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The beauty of a well made charity case study video is that it uses deeply personal stories  to demonstrate the work and values of the charity. Casting is everything and storytelling is critical: even a really compelling story needs to be told in a way that creates an emotional response in the viewer. The best case study films strike a careful balance between the use of interviews and visual imagery.

1. Spare Chair Sunday: BISTO & CONTACT THE ELDERLY

Not strictly a charity case study video but I love this film – it shows what can be done with a really visual treatment of a case study.

I’m always interested when brand films cross over into the charity sector and this one is a cracker. Made as part of Bisto’s connecting people project, it show cases an initiative to invite lonely older people to Sunday lunch and tells the story of Connie who goes to lunch with the Hadfield-Walker family. Simple but beautifully shot visual story telling – the family are cooking and Connie is getting ready to leave her house – combined with interviews in voice-over make this a wonderfully watchable film. The real object lesson here is the time it takes to tell the story – 90 seconds. But it doesn’t feel rushed and it feels warm and full of character. Great stuff by Fish and McCann London


2. Greenwich Toy Library: IN KIND DIRECT

Simply done but effective and informative.

A classic case study from In Kind Direct that explains how they helped the Greenwich Toy Library with donations of supplies and storage.  A single interview is used to explain what the Toy Library does and then goes on to clearly state how In Kind Direct support them. The interview is illustrated with cut-aways of the children they help, the products supplied and the toys that are lent to children. A useful and workman-like video made for In Kind Direct by DMI productions.


The incredible story of a little girl saved by her quick-thinking headteacher is at the centre of this moving charity case study video.

When Ella collapsed at school her headteacher Deb knew exactly what to do – she stepped in and began CPR. Thanks to Deb, Ella made it to hospital where she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and had a pace maker and defibrillator implanted.  The film for the American Heart Association makes striking use of home videos and family photos to show Ella’s progress and gives the viewer a real insight into the issue by creating a very personal story. This film makes a powerful case for CPR training and the need for automatic defibrillators in public places: less than 3% of people survive a heart attack with out one… so Ella was very lucky that Deb was there.

And here’s one that we made… Jennifer’s Story for TOMMY’s

Jennifer had a really moving story to tell about her Rainbow baby and we worked hard to create striking visuals and to fine tune the story telling.

Tommy’s wanted a film to raise awareness for their Rainbow Babies initiative that celebrates the children born to families after they’ve lost a baby to miscarriage or still birth. Jennifer bravely agreed to share her story.

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