Why you should send more email…. not less

Charities are too cautious about emailing their supporters…

People often tell me that they’re worried about sending email to their supporters too often … but that’s a mistake… read Support Whisperer, Rachel Collison’s tips on making mailing lists work

Some people worry that sending supporter’s a monthly newsletter or email is too frequent and that people will unsubscribe from the list but there’s good evidence that organisations that send monthly emails have a higher unsubscribe rate than those that send weekly emails. The reason for this is simple: people forget which list they’re on and hit the spam button and that’s the last thing you want…

Watch the video for my tips on how to deal with this and how to be bold with your email strategy.

Here are my other top tips for email marketing campaigns that will keep you out of the spam folder..

1. Ditch generic subject lines like ‘E-News June 2013’ or ‘Your organization newsletter’ (these are most likely to be ignored)

2. Make sure your ‘From’ address is a real person with a real email address, rather the horribly impersonal noreply@nonprofitx.1287gvasf7.emailserv.com

3. Use templates that are terrifyingly simple. I mean terrifyingly. One font, one column, one picture, no other layout devices. Even your logo may need to be amputated for the sake of the patient.

4. Stick to ONE subject per email. No newspaper style article quilt. Just one subject with one choice of link to click on. 
If you separate out all the things you want to tell people about, and put one in each email, your name will come into people’s minds more regularly.

5. Make your emails as personal, relevant and emotional as possible.


RACHEL COLLINSON – the The Supporter Whisperer, is Director of Innovation & Knowledge Sharing at Engaging Networks. She tweets jobs and tips for online campaigners & fundraisers @rachel_shares

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