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Turning the spotlight on ourselves….

Every week we review films in our blog, with the aim of keeping our audiences up to date with the freshest trends around the globe.

This week, two of our own films have been nominated for the 2016 Charity Film awards, so we thought it was high time to blow our own trumpet!

Both nominated films showcase Magneto’s signature style – featuring real people’s stories and using storytelling to engage and inform but their style is quite different… which do you prefer?

Charity Video Awards 2016

Dementia UK

First in line is Admiral Nurses, a film we made for Dementia UK, which was commissioned to coincide with the launch of their new brand and website.

An intimate case study

The film follows the format of a case study led interview – in this case with the story of Kelly and her husband Ian, who was diagnosed with dementia at 47 – the same year as their son started school. The interview is intercut with real scenes of the family at home, before and during a visit from Admiral Nurse Jody

Scenes from life

Filmed at their home in Essex, the strength of their relationship is driven home by a deeply honest interview with Kelly, alongside Ian, who joins in where he is able. The emotion and love between the couple is expressed both in interview and in the little intimate details that the film displays – we see them laughing at themselves in photos at their wedding, we catch glimpses of the notes that Kelly has left stuck to the fridge and walls in an attempt to keep the memory of their love alive for Ian.

As Kelly breaks down in interview in front of Ian, she tells him “its ok, I still love ya… it’s not your fault”, and the searing honesty of the film gives the audience a real insight into this debilitating condition, the affect it has on their relationship and their need for the wonderful nurse Jody, to help Kelly cope with the strain of Ian’s condition.

Natural & Authentic

Rather than including a ‘talking head’ spokesperson from Dementia UK, nurse Jody is seen at the family home, talking to and about Kelly and Ian in situ. The film’s fly-on-the wall style adds to this raw emotion, which feels entirely natural, and unproduced, making this a film that we’re proud of.

Children with Cancer

Our second film up for nomination is Little Translators – which uses eight year old twins Louis and Grace to translate the science behind research carried out by Dr Zoe for the charity Children with Cancer UK, a national children’s charity that funds research to help children with all types of cancer.

Making science accessible

Research based charities often shy away from focusing the public’s attention on the research side of what they do for fear of alienating their audience with cold scientific jargon.

But by using former cancer patient Louis and his sister Grace as ‘translators’, the film makes the charity’s research easy to relate to and accessible, and still provides the human interest through our cheeky child presenters whose plain English translating actually serves to outsmart the scientist herself!

Humour & Character

With their oversized white coats, and quick witted science jargon translation, Little Translators has a distinctive style that makes it stand out from the crowd, and served alongside more than a spoonful of humour, we think it has the perfect ingredients to do well at the 2016 Charity Awards – lets hope the judges agree!

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