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Our films help charities do good things

Magneto Films was originally set up as a charity video production company and the sector is still hugely important to us.

Our films help charities succeed in their awareness and fundraising goals and we know that great content really makes a difference to the people they serve.

Magneto’s founding partners both have charity backgrounds so we know what really matters to our third sector clients.

We work with some of the UK’s biggest charities like Age UK and the Children’s Society, as well as smaller charities like Dementia UK and Education Support.

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Charity video showreel

Showcasing our recent work

We’ve worked with dozens of charities to produce everything from case studies and campaign films, to volunteer recruitment and staff on-boarding films.

Here’s a selection of highlights from the last few months, featuring work for cancer charities, children’s hospices, foodbanks and community groups.

Magneto had an excellent understanding of our brief from the outset, as well as real empathy with the topic.

Our latest charity films

Our latest work includes a patient information film for Target Ovarian Cancer, a brand film for Dementia UK, case study videos for Anthony Nolan and training videos for Hestia, Homestart and Young Money.

Recent and current clients for our charity video production services include Anthony Nolan, Versus Arthritis, Education Support, Children with Cancer and the Children’s Society.

Charity brand video

Dementia UK

Dementia UK wanted a brand video for their first ever national brand campaign. They needed a film to push home the message that if someone you love has dementia, then you’re living with dementia too.

We made a compassionate video that brought together three carers’ experiences of living with dementia, and showed the support from Dementia UK.

Charity case study

Education Support

Education Support provide help to members of the teaching profession, and they needed a case study video to showcase their services.

We made them an emotional and informative video, that tells the story of Sasha and how Education Support helped her.

Charity training video


Hestia are a charity that supports people who are experiencing domestic violence. They commissioned Magneto Films to make a series of training videos to alert staff to the signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

We wrote clear scripts, and then filmed members of staff in a studio location delivering lines to camera. We also provided graphics and a full shooting and editing team.

Promotional video

Versus Arthritis

This national charity is a regular client, and for this commission they asked us to make a charity promo video for their helpline.

We made a film that combines the experience of a service user and the insights of the call center staff, showing the life changing information and support the charity offers.

Fundraising video

Helen & Douglas House

This Oxfordshire children’s hospice needed a fudraising video that would help dispel some of the myths that surround hospice care: that’s its just for end of life care and that hospices are sad places.

We  combined a carefully written script and voice over with beautifully shot visuals, to show that this hospice is full of life and friendship for parents and children alike.

Charity recruitment video

Anthony Nolan

This blood cancer charity is another regular client, and for this project they asked us to create a quirky charity recruitment video to give new staff an insight to Anthony Nolan’s working environment.

We created a fun packed film showing the working lives of several Anthony Nolan staff, the variety of roles on offer, the benefits available and even the importance of social events.

Campaign video

Childnet International

Childnet International work in the online safety space and wanted a film that would promote their campaign for a safer internet for young people.

We made them a hard hitting drama that brings to life the potential dangers for young people and alerts adults to danger signs. In addition to creating the script and providing all filming and editing services, we also cast the actors and found locations.


Working with charities

We love working on charity video production projects. Our values and ethos are closely aligned with the sector and we’re committed to telling stories in an honest and compassionate way.

What we do

Magneto is a full service video agency and we’re just as happy coming up with creative ideas and scripts, as we are working to a client’s idea or brief.

How we work

We work closely with in-house teams to create charity films that are watchable, informative and engaging.


Charity case studies

Case studies are a vital way for charities to share information, create awareness and inspire change. We use fresh storytelling techniques to create films full of emotion and character.

Fundraising video

We make highly effective fundraising films for charities, combining powerful personal stories with compelling reasons for giving. Some of our films have raised more than £1million.

Campaign & Information films

Getting your message across is vital for charities and we know that a well made campaign film or information video is the best way to create behaviour change.

The whole process from interviewing the case study, scripting and organising the shoot was seamless.

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Are you thinking of making a video for your charity?

You might have a few questions, so here are the answers to a some of the most common ones that we’re asked.

Why do charities produce videos?

Video is one on the most powerful ways of talking to your supporters and clients. You can show them what you do, introduce them to the people you help, and let them know how you can help.

And video really does get results. Recently we made a volunteer recruitment film for a food charity and within 2 weeks, they’d received more than 2,000 new applications.

How do charities benefit from making video?

A well-planned, professionally made film can help charities achieve key goals for marketing, fundraising or recruitment. Video creates engaging, shareable content that can be used everywhere from Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube or even face to face.

For example, a film we made for a cancer charity raised more than £1 million in corporate sponsorship. We were able to tailor make them a video that showed why their help is vital, who they’d be helping and exactly how the money would be spent.

What's the process for making a charity video?

At Magneto we suggest working in 3 stages:

1. Plan – draw up a video brief that explains what you want to say, who the audience is and where it’s going to be shown. Also define your goals – is it to raise money, promote awareness or drive a campaign? We’ll use this to come up with 1 or 2 ideas that we think will achieve your goals.

2. Produce – we’ll work with you to refine your chosen idea, and we’ll set up all the filming, liaising with key contributors and staff. We’ll also write a shooting script – an easy to understand guide to what the film will look like and what people will say. Then we’ll run the shoot.

3. Post-produce – the editing stage – after your shoot, we’ll put together a first version of your charity video. It’ll be a complete film with music and graphics. We’ll send it to you for review, and then make any changes that you’ve asked for. You’ll get a second version, and once again, we’ll amend to your instructions. Then we’ll send a version over for a final check.

How much does it cost to produce a charity video?

As charity videographers we know that charities have to watch every penny, so we offer lower rates for charities. We budget for each project in a consistent and open fashion by supplying a detailed spreadsheet with the costs and charges identified. When we’ve agreed a cost, it’s fixed with no hidden extras or charges.

That means each film is a bit different, but to help you get an idea of how much a charity video costs, here are some typical budgets:

Charity Case Study Video – these range from between £2,500 – £5,000 depending on how many days shooting, how much travel or how many people we need to feature. We can often push down costs when people order 3 or 4 at a time.

Campaign Video – from around £3,000 – £6,000. The cost will vary according to the amount of input needed – scripting, casting or planning – and the number of days shooting, or the number of social media versions you need.

Charity Brand Film – these range from £7,500 up to around £15,000+. The lower end of the scale will be for online films and the upper region for TV & Cinema films.