Charity video roundup 2019

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Charity video roundup - Your favourite videos of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 it’s time to look back over all the charity films you’ve loved this year.

Much like last year’s roundup,  the quality of charity films has been high. It’s hard to narrow the choice down to just one favourite, but as always you’ve picked the best of the best to share with us. Thank you to all who have taken part.

Wishing you all a happy new year from the Magneto team!

Family Action – Family Monsters

Madeleine Sugden

Digital Impact Consultant

Family Action’s Family Monsters Project film stood out to me this year. The campaign aimed to start a national conversation about everyday pressures on family life. It was launched as part of their 150th anniversary. The film shows various families struggling and in the corner is a looming dark monster watching over them. The video ends with the line: “Every family has its monsters. Let’s face them together.” It has had 10k views on YouTube and the Family Monsters campaign page has useful resources for families.

Compassion in World Farming – Dear Humans

Howard Lake

Founder of UK Fundraiser

A clever recognition that cute animal pictures online will only do so much. Listen for the dead air section where Joanna Lumley waits politely for you to click on the campaign link.

A positive video with a strong call to action.

The video was a core element in the campaign that helped to secure over 100,000 signatures on a parliamentary petition calling on the Government to End the Cage Age.

Haven House – Meet Annabelle

Teena Antoniou

Senior Marketing Manager, Haven House Children’s Hospice

I’d like to nominate our own film at Haven House Children’s Hospice made by Magneto Films. As well as it being brilliant to work with the Magneto team it was a privilege to work with Annabelle and her family and getting to know them and spending time at their home. The brief of the film was to highlight the work of the hospice but also to get to the core of what hospice support means to a family who are going through unimaginable times. Rather than try to complicate the story it is simply introduced and stripped down of any bells and whistles and tells the story of despair when your child is diagnosed with a serious condition. Michelle and Chris are honest in their delivery and Annabelle shines bright bringing love and humour to the film.

Anyone who watches, simply falls in love with Annabelle and sees hope for her into the future, and quickly feel empathy towards mum and dad. So far, the film has been shown at two gala events and both times has received standing ovations from hundreds of people with an understanding that Haven House is a lifeline for parents when there is no-where left to turn. For us this is our film for 2019.

Time to Change – Ask Twice

Adeela Warley

CEO of CharityComms

I am nominating the ‘#Ask Twice’ campaign video produced by the mental health charity Time to Change – two men, one squirrel and a tree demonstrate how you can be in a mate’s corner by ‘asking twice’. It’s short, funny, memorable and touching in just 37 seconds.

Like all good communication, it draws on audience insight, which revealed that asking someone how they are a second time, shows you’re asking for real and willing to hear the response. It’s a very simple action people can remember if they find that they’re worried about a friend, family member or colleague.

Mental wellbeing is such an important issue and this film helps not only to normalise the conversation but gives us all a way to be in someone’s corner.

Shelter – Homeless children video diaries

Jude Habib

Director of Sounddelivery

How many charities have handed over video cameras to the people at the heart of the issue they are seeking to address?  I’d suspect that number is very low – but I’d love to be proven otherwise.

Shelter has used this method to create video diaries to put the spotlight on the housing crisis and homelessness. The charity lent video cameras to three children who are currently stuck in temporary accommodation.

There will be 135,000 #homeless children living in these conditions this Christmas. This material has been picked up by news outlets including the BBC and Channel 4 News and is a powerful way of hearing from young people directly affected by the lack of social housing. In the year ahead I’d like to see more charities working with the people they advocate for to be encouraged and empowered to tell their stories in their own ways and in their own words – video diaries with the right support can have a huge impact.

Big Local

Gaby Jeffs

Director/Producer, Magneto Films

One of the things I love the most about our work is getting out around the country to see the impact charities have at the grassroots.    This film we made for the Big Local celebrates the achievements of different Big Local community groups around the Manchester area and it was wonderful to see this powerful work in action with communities finding their own solutions to local problems.    The film is set to a crowd sourced poem written by Mancunian poet Tony Walsh to create an incredibly moving and uplifting film.     The film was shot by Jeremy and Estefania, who also edited the film most beautifully.

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