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Charity video roundup - Your favourite videos of 2018

As we step into January all of us from Magneto wish you a very Happy New Year!

At the start of every new year we love to hear from you about your favourite videos you’ve seen from the previous year. With so many good films launched in 2018 it’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but we asked and you delivered! A big thank you to everyone who took part. And if your favourite wasn’t featured send it our way, we’d love to watch.

Carers Network & Milly’s Being The Story talk

Dawn Newton

Director, Morello Marketing

I choose Milly’s talk from Being the Story. The reason is that this woman laid bare her darkest moments and hardest struggles with so much dignity and strength. She talked about the support she received and how finding her calling was part of what helped her overcome challenges, and most importantly how recovery is not a straight line

I would also nominate Carers Network because I think the amazing difference that carers make are so often hidden behind closed doors. And how close the relationship is between the cared for and carer. Meeting these people helped me to understand their lives and how with a little bit of support their worlds can be opened up to more joy and experiences.

WWF UK – Fight For Your Life

Howard Lake

Founder of UK Fundraiser

I would normally choose a fundraising advert but this is so powerful it trumps that. Its imagery of environmental collapse is painfully beautiful and its call to action stark: “It’s time to decide. Are you for your world or against it?” There is no WWF branding until right at the end and no response channel beyond a hashtag. Yet I found that surprisingly inclusive and urgent: decide to take action and do whatever you can, however small. But (given the ticking clock soundtrack at the end), do it now. It came out in October but I still think of it. It’s only weakness perhaps is that it could be mistaken for a promo for a new David Attenborough series.

Remember A Charity – The Human Search Engine

Donna Tipping

Deputy Director Marketing and Brand, Stroke Association

Every year Remember a Charity come up with a new integrated concept that will generate PR, social buzz and change behaviour around Will making. The ‘human search engine’ campaign was clever and emotive – leading with a well-cast video showing a range of people who were allowed the space to show a glint of their interesting life stories.

Cat’s Protection – Genie’s Christmas Wish

John Thompson

Director, Changing Business

This beautifully-crafted animation is based on the true story of Evie and Genie and the incredible bond between the pair during 11-year-old Evie’s gruelling treatment for bone cancer.  Viewers are taken on a roller-coaster journey of emotions that can’t fail to deeply resonate with anyone who’s felt the intensity of mutual love, joy and devotion that exists between cats and their owners.  Despite being nearly five minutes long this inspiring and moving production captivates its audience.  When I watched it for the first time I remained spellbound and finally relieved when the outcome of Evie’s treatment was revealed and she and Genie were reunited in time to enjoy another Christmas together.

Book Aid International – Reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Molly Clarke

Digital Assistant, Charity Comms

This film, funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery, has been live for only a few weeks but is already Book Aid International’s most viewed video ever. It has prompted a spike in social media engagement and has been nominated for the Charity Film Awards. Beyond being halting in its technical and creative prowess, the film connects the audience with the subject on a very human level, despite a setting which most viewers may not be familiar with. In a world that feels like it’s becoming more insular and divided, I’d love to see more content which underscores our common humanity in this way.

Charities work to ensure everyone has the same rights – whether to food, to health or to imagination. This film truly taps into that, highlighting the importance of the work which Book Aid International does. Personally, I’m sold.

Scope & Plan International UK

Madeleine Sugden

Digital Impact Consultant

This short call to action video from Scope was unlike anything else I saw this year. Using historic footage of campaigners and protesters as well as statistics and headlines representing the lives of disabled people today, it powerfully challenges everyone to become a Disability Gamechanger – ‘every one of us can make a difference’. It was launched in August at the start of Scope’s rebrand. Since then Scope have regularly held Twitter takeovers, giving Gamechangers a chance to tell their stories and putting disabled people at the heart of their comms.

The Wheels on the Bus video from Plan International UK was chilling, showing the experience of young girls experiencing everyday sexual harassment in the street. The video got 7.2m views and prompted lots of discussion following the video and on the hashtag #ISayItsNotOK.

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