Charity video with bite

Charity video with bite - using satire to provoke action

Satire isn’t just great entertainment. It can actually have a real-life impact on viewers and change the way they act. In fact a recent study reveals that after watching a satirical take on an issue, people are more likely to feel their actions can make a difference.

Satire makes people laugh, but also challenges the way people think. It isn’t about spoon-feeding people the content they consume, but instead getting them to question what is being said and think beyond what they know.

Satire for Charities

By using satirical films charities can challenge harmful stereotypes and get people talking.

These are some of the best satirical films we’ve seen – there’s challenging work from Australia, merciless skewing of stereotypes from Norway and a film that tackles assumptions about poverty in Africa.

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The truth about the ‘truth’

We’re all familiar with satire’s close relationship to politics. And it’s been found that satirical content can actually engage people who otherwise avoid politics. With the current world being the way it is, it’s no surprise we could all do with a bit of comic relief.

And an increasingly popular way of sharing the ‘honest truth’ about political events is through satirical videos, something that The Juice Media does brilliantly.

They bring attention to the ridiculousness of political and worldwide events, not only by making people laugh but by being blunt about what is going on and how people are being taken advantage of. Not everyone agrees with their left wing politics, but it gets people talking.

THE RADI-AID APP (Change A Life With Just One Swipe!) : SAIH Norway

Flipping stereotypes on their head

SAIH Norway turn the tables in this brilliant film about poverty stereotypes. Not only are videos like this good at making people think, but they attract attention.

People share these videos because they love humour. Even if people don’t understand what they’re about (sarcasm is not always understood for variety of reasons) it often sparks conversation and debate in the comments section or on social media. And sometimes the first steps in making change is to get people talking.



Fact or fiction?

This film for the Live Below The Line campaign also forces people to challenge the perceptions they have of Africa. 

Using satire to highlight common ignorant views it delivers the strong message that making assumptions is a) harmful and b) something we should all make more of an effort to stop doing.

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