Magneto Films

How to contact Magneto Films

Call us

The easiest way to reach us is to give Gaby a call – she’s our senior producer and usually the first point of contact.

She’ll be happy to talk you through the production process or even send you some handy templates for drawing up a brief, writing a script or planning a shoot.

If you want to post something to us

163 Herne Hill
SE24 9LR

Now that you’ve found us, get in touch

020 7274 2986

Or use the contact form

Don’t be afraid to tell us about your project’s timeline and budget. We’re straightforward and open with our pricing, and knowing where you’re coming from helps us hit the target.

Work at Magneto

We’re currently recruiting for a film maker – details on our jobs page.

If you’re interested in work experience, please email us with your CV.