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Script writing for video production

Copywriting is a vital part of any video production and we know that the right words are just as important as beautiful images.

Magneto has a team of experience scriptwriters who work closely with clients to capture their brand messages and turn them into compelling and effective video content.

Our script writing services include creating copy for marketing videos, scripting explainer video and training content, as well as writing scripts for charity campaigns.

Clients who’ve used our copywriting for video production include NHS England, Mind, Anthony Nolan, Hotjar and the National Archives.

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“Magneto went above and beyond what was expected of them and we can’t thank them enough for all their hard work on the project.”

local council video production | Magneto Films | London

Video copywriting services

We offer our video copywriting services either on a stand alone consultancy basis, writing scripts and content to clients needs, or we can include it as part of our video production services.

Our latest work includes scripting an impact video for a trade association, writing a highly emotional appeal for a hospice and working with a nationally acclaimed poet to make a legacy video for a national charity.

Script writing for business video



NewstrAid commissioned us to create a film that would show how they help the beneficiaries of their charitable fund for the newspaper distribution industry.

We wrote a video script that combines the compassionate aims of the fund with the clear facts and figures of their impact.

Poetry for video

Big Local


This community empowerment charity wanted a film that would celebrate the achievements of their local advocacy projects around Manchester. They commissioned the well know poet Tony Walsh, better known as Longfella, to write a piece of poetry.

We worked with Tony and local groups to create a film where the visuals matched the poetry of the script, topping the film off with a performance from Tony himself.

Emotive charity video script

Helen & Douglas House Hospice


This children’s hospice wanted a film that tackled the myth that a hospice is sad and gloomy place. We worked with them to turn some useful insight and brand statements into a compelling and personal film.

The resulting film gives an insight into a hospice that’s full of love and professional care.

Conference video script

Consumers International


This film was commissioned to be shown at a G7 Conference for Finance Ministers, and the client wanted to introduce the concept of ‘Digital Trust’ – creating an online world that offers access and security for all.

We took this abstract concept and created a crisp, punchy script that brought the concept to life with comparisons to everyday interactions.

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“We were delighted with the finished video and have received great feedback from our visitors and staff alike.”

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Script writing for explainer videos

Good writing is at the heart of a well made explainer video. A successful script will not only clearly set out the benefits of your product, but will also capture your brand’s tone of voice and speak directly to your customers.

Our script writers are adept at producing easy to understand scripts that help customers learn more about your products and services.

Copywriting for animations

Most animations actually start with a script, whether it’s a carefully crafted voiceover or an outline of the visuals and text for the video.

Our copywriters work closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of the project and then create lively and informative scripts for the animators and film makers to work from.

Scripts for healthcare video

Accuracy and experience are paramount when it comes to making healthcare video. Scripts need to convey what can sometimes be complex information in an easy to learn way.

We’ve made dozens of films designed for patient information, health campaigns or awareness videos, for clients that range from NHS Trusts and health charities like Arthritis UK and Children with Cancer, to major brands, such as Johnson & Johnson.


Copywriting for charity video

We have vast experience in working with the charity sector, and we’ve got a well-defined process for writing scripts that really help our clients achieve their goals.

Whether it’s a case study video, a campaign film or a fundraising video, we’ve taken care of the copywriting for many successful projects.

Writing for case study video

Although most case studies seem to be based on interviews with people speaking freely, most of our films are carefully planned and scripted in advance.

We use a combination of pre-filming interviews, client briefings and creative thinking to capture key messages and experiences in a natural and authentic fashion.

Scripts and content for training video

We’ve written scripts for clients’ training videos ranging from cyber security training for the Met Police, to finance training for CEOs and CPD for medical professionals.

We work closely with clients to gain an accurate understanding of the topic and capture the relevant information before creating clear and compelling scripts.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a video production company that works extensively with brands such as Canon Europe, Hubspot and Hotjar, as well as public sector organisations like the NHS and the Police Service. We also have a long track record of working closely with charities.

Explainer video

Magneto makes clear instructional and explainer videos that help viewers learn more about services, products and organisations.

Case study video

We produce case study videos featuring real people’s stories, creating powerful emotional journeys and authentic user experiences.

London video production

Magneto Films is a London video production company offering services to clients all over the UK.

Copywriting tips and insights

If you’d like to learn more about scriptwriting then take a look at our tips for copywriting or you can even book a scriptwriting workshop.

Here are some of the most common questions that we’re asked about our copywriting and scripting services.

Why work with a copywriter?

Working with a professional writer brings so much more than ‘just’ words: they bring a fresh perspective to your project and will help you to see things from your audience’s perspective.

A copywriter also has a wide range of techniques and tricks that they’ve learned over years of practice, and will quickly create a fresh and inspiring piece of work for your brand.

They’re also adept at working with animators or film makers and know how to plan and structure a story in way that’s ideal for making the best possible film.

Do I really need to write a script?

We find that creating a script in advance of the shoot makes a video production so much quicker and more efficient, saving both time and money for our clients. It may seem like a tricky stage to go through, especially if you’re new to making corporate or branded video content, but it’s always worth the effort.

A script helps you define your message, plan your contributors and to think about locations and what you’re going to film. It also allows you to easily share and discuss ideas among your team and to efficiently make changes and corrections before the cameras start rolling.

How long should a script be?

To write our scripts, we create an A4 document with 2 equal columns: on the left we describe the visuals and on the right we put the words. In this format, a 90 second video will be approximately 2 sides. Or in numbers of words, a 1 minute video should have around 150 words.

How much does copywriting cost?

We charge between £500 and £750 a day for copywriting, depending on the client (we give special rates to charities) and the complexity of the project. And it takes around 2 days to write a typical video script – this often includes pre-shoot interviews with contributors and briefings from our clients.