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Staff safety video for The National Archives

internal corporate video production | magneto films | London
"Magneto have produced a professional video is super quick time that will really help reassure our staff "

The coronavirus pandemic has created the need for new communication of Covid-19 related messages for our clients. Organisations need to communicate with their own staff to update them on how working life will change as they return to the workplace as the lockdown is eased.

Returning to the workplace during & after Covid-19

Our client the National Archives commissioned us to create a film for their staff to show reassure them that they could return to their workplace in safety.

We’ve worked together in the past, producing their successful brand film Archives Inspire.


Working from home

Most staff had been working from home during the lockdown. As time goes on and the lockdown has been eased the National Archives is planning for some staff members to return to their site at Kew.

They wanted a film to explain the changes to the building and working practice that will keep staff safe. The Internal Comms team wanted to reassure staff that a great deal of care had been taken to ensure that their working environment at the National Archives building at Kew would be as safe as possible

Health and Safety Video

They were particularly interested in creating a video to be able to show people the changes and how the building now looks. Video is particularly effective here, as it has the power to convey a message very quickly by showing rather just telling. We planned the film to walk the staff through the building, so they know what to expect in advance.

For example, one way systems are now in place, meeting rooms have greatly reduced capacity, furniture has be re-arranged.   By showing people these changes, the stress of the unknown can be reduced and people can feel more confident about returning to work on site.

Staff training

Working with the Internal Comms Manger we produced a script based on staff journeys into work and moving around the building. We agreed that messages would be delivered through captions to ensure maximum flexibility, should Government guidelines change.

staff safety video production | Magneto Films | London
staff safety video production | Magneto Films | London
staff safety video production | Magneto Films | London

Shooting with Covid-19

Prior to the shoot we undertook a full risk assessment for filming under Covid-19 conditions. We decided that a two camera shoot would reduce our time on location. The shoot locations were planned in advance and the Estates Team gave us brilliant support with ensuring that all messaging on site was in place and correct.

Fast Turnaround

The video was shot and edited within a week, including 2 rounds of review and amendment: this fast pace was possible because of thorough planning and precise scripting.

The film delivers lots of information, it’s pacey and stylist with a friendly introduction from the Head of Operations. The film has been very well received and we’ve now been commissioned to work on a public facing film so that member of the public will know what to expect when they are able to return to the National Archives.

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