Health care videos that create a connection

One of the great things about video is that it allows you to make emotional connections by showing an audience other people’s very personal experiences. Imaginative health care videos can create empathy and allows people to imagine how they’d feel in the same situation.

So this week I’ve been looking at health care videos that show life from a different perspective. The Irrational Fear of Nothing uses clever camerawork to demonstrate social anxiety,  Barbara’s Story from Guy’s & Thomas’ gives us an insight into life with dementia and The Human Connection from Cleveland Hospital reminds us that we all have worries.


Director Paul Trillo uses a single fixed  shot from a camera rigged on the shoulder of the protagonist to give an insight into the mind of an anxious man as he makes his way round New York.

Not a charity film – this was made for Olympus to showcase a camera… but it’s a clever use of camera work that really shows what the person is experiencing.

Very clever.

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2. BARBARA’s STORY: Guy’s & Thomas Hospital Trust

This film from White Boat TV has been so successful that the same team have made 5 more episodes. They’ve been shown around the world and won numerous awards but the premise is very simple: what is it like for someone with dementia to live in a busy world?

The films are made from her perspective and shows her in various situations with a voice over script from Barbara that reveals what she’s thinking.

This episode follows Barbara as she visits the hospital for a chest examination – it shows how important it is for staff to introduce themselves and to explain exactly what is happening. The scene where she is asked to remove her top for a check up is very powerful – nobody has told Barbara why she is there, what they are going to do or who all the people in the room are.


Another film from the USA but I’m always interested in learning how people make films in other countries.

This takes a simple idea – what would you be thinking about if you were in their shoes – and uses well choreographed camera work to focus in on people in a hospital. Well crafted captions reveal what they’re thinking about – a son in a coma, a wait for a heart transplant or a test result.

The film cleverly incapsulates the brand values and ethos of the clinic and creates a watchable – if slightly long – narrative. Other films on their YouTube Channel develop these messages.

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