E-learning video production for cyber security training

E-learning video production
CREST & Met Police

Working with trade association

Crest is the UK cyber security’s professional association and they provide accreditation and training for the industry. We’ve previously worked with them to create a brand and marketing video that they’ve been using to successfully promote the organisation at trade fairs, on-line and in person. They came to us to create a series of 6 online training videos for police officers, to introduce them to the core concepts of cyber security: topics included firewalls, passwords, network security and types of cyber attack.

Professional training video

The videos form part of the CREST Approved Scheme – a certified level of information security training that’s aimed at businesses. We worked with the client to create a clear structured approach to the online learning programme, sketching out the content and subjects to be covered in each of the videos to ensure that a professional level of training was provided. We then helped them write a script for each video, detailing the content and the graphics needed. This allowed the client to ensure that all information was accurate and comprehensive, well before shooting began, offering them a chance to amend and add to the learning content.

Learning from experts

A key feature of the films is that learning is delivered by experts within the field, with each video featuring the contribution of a number of professionals: participants included senior officers from the Serious Crime Squad and regional police task forces, along with industry leaders from some of the largest cyber security companies in the UK. The project was an excellent collaboration between industry experts, a trade association and the public sector.

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