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Creating video for training and online learning

Magneto Films provides elearning video production that ranges from corporate training for the likes of IPSOS Mori, to online learning for public sector organisations like the NHS and Police Service.

We also work with smaller brands, care homes and charities.

Video is an ideal way of delivering online to large numbers of people, engaging new customers with insight into your products or creating elearning content for corporate training and professional development.

The films we make range from multi-part training programmes, one off learning video or simple explainer videos.

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eLearning Video Production

Magneto Films offers a complete production service and can help clients with every stage of the eLearning production process, from scripting and planning, to casting actors and presenters or sourcing locations, and from creating graphics and animations to a full editing and post-production process.

Our eLearning experience includes work for clients from the education sector, public sector organisations and charities. We’re skilled at taking highly complex or technical subjects and working with our clients to create watchable, accurate and informative learning videos for online or in person use.

eLearning Video Production | Magneto Films | London
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eLearning video for international business mentoring

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women commissioned Magneto Films to create a suite of 6 eLearning videos for a programme to pair female entrepreneurs with business mentors.

The training films were designed to help mentors understand their roles, give them skills in mentoring and to train them to help women business leaders around the world to get the best out of the programme.

We combined carefully scripted studio inserts with specially shot illustrative footage, to give participants a clear and informative learning video.

The result is a set of professional eLearning videos that are friendly, informative and highly watchable.


Charity partnership training video

Homestart & Waitrose

This national charity needed a set of elearning videos to train their staff and volunteers in basic nutrition and cooking techniques, to help their service users navigate the cost of living crisis. Supported by Waitrose who provided an expert chef and their teaching kitchen.

We worked with them to produce a series of 5 films that introduce key topics such as meal planning, understanding food labelling and the essentials of healthy balanced diet.

Staff training video

NHS England

These eLearning videos were created to train NHS England HR teams in the lastest practices and findings for recruiting staff to mental health roles.

We worked with the team to create a 5 staff training videos that provide clear information and instruction in up to date techniques and requirements for attracting and retaining staff in key frontline roles.

Software training video


Introducing a major software or systems update can be made smoother and easier with a package of eLearning videos. This national membership organisation commissioned us to make more than 30 films offering training on their new online membership system.

We created 2 hero films offering instruction in the key features of the new softare, and 40 films offering training and explanation of specific tasks and features.

Professional development training video

Education Training Foundation

A series of online continuing professional development modules around key management issues aimed at CFOs and CEOs within the Further Education Sector.

We created effective interview-based videos with  CEOs and Principals who shared their insights and practical tips on a range of topics, such as financial sustainability.

Trade association training video

CREST - UK cyber security industry

CREST – the trade body for the UK cyber security industry – commissioned us to make a series of 10 films that would help police officers understand basic online security so that they could work with local businesses to prevent cyber crime.

The training films feature experts from the top security firms, National Criminal Intel Service, and the Police.

E-learning promotional video

Young Money

Educational charity Young Money wanted a series of films that they could use to promote their distance learning resource for teachers, helping them to deliver better financial education.

We created this character packed marketing video, featuring testimonials from teachers and insight from staff. We also made the a number of explainer videos, demonstrating how to use the service.

elearning video production | Magneto Films | London

Online training video


IPSOS Mori are running a mass survey of young people born in the year 2000 and they asked us to produce a suite of training videos that will show researchers the correct way to take a series of physical measurements and conduct a number of tests.

We made 6 films in total, helping not only with scripting but also casting and location finding. We’ve since created more content for them.


Magneto Films makes a wide variety of eLearning and online training videos.

Staff training video

eLearning gives staff the opportunity to gain new skills or update their knowledge at their own pace and at a time and location that suits them.

Distance learning

For organisations who have national or international reach being able to offer online training or eLearning video means they can meet the needs of staff or supporters in a flexible and inclusive way.

Online training

As more staff work from home or in-person training remains a challenge, offering an online course or eLearning solution is an efficient and engaging way to train staff or colleagues.

Public sector training video

Magneto Films works extensively with public sector organisations such as local authorities, the NHS, the National Archives and the Environment Agency to produce eLearning videos for staff and the general public.

eLearning video for charities

Our online training videos help charities to offer new skills to their staff or provide valuable knowledge and information to their services users.

Online training for brands

We work with brands and businesses such as the Cambridge University Press and CREST to produce online training resources.

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About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a video production company with offices in London and the East Midlands.

We work extensively with the public sector: for NHS England, we’ve recently produced a series of films to ensure equaltiy of access to mental health job roles, and for Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Trust we’ve created a suite of elearning films to train practicioners in cognitive behaviour therapy. For the Metropolitan Police Service, we’ve made a set of online training videos to offer skills in cyber security, and for Somerset Council we’ve made film to help staff dealing with domestic abuse.

Charities and third-sector organisations are also an important part of our client base, and we’ve worked with Homestart and Waitrose to produce films to educate volunteer counsellors in nutrition and cooking skills to help them work with service users, and for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, we’ve made a suite of online training videos to provide business mentors with the skills to support female entrepreneurs in emerging economies.