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Creating video for training and online learning

Magneto Films provides elearning video production that ranges from corporate training for the likes of IPSOS Mori, to online learning for public sector organisations like the NHS and Police Service.

We also work with smaller brands, care homes and charities.

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Video is an ideal way of delivering online to large numbers of people, engaging new customers with insight into your products or creating elearning content for corporate training and professional development.

The films we make range from multi-part training programmes, one off learning video or simple explainer videos.

Public sector training video

UK cyber security industry


CREST – the trade body for the UK cyber security industry – commissioned us to make a series of 10 films that would help police officers understand basic online security so that they could work with local businesses to prevent cyber crime.

The training films feature experts from the top security firms, National Criminal Intel Service, and the Police.

E-learning promotional video

Young Money


Young Money wanted a series of films that they could use to promote their distance learning resource for teachers, helping them to deliver better financial education.

We created this character packed marketing video, featuring testimonials from teachers and insight from staff. We also made the a number of explainer videos, demonstrating how to use the service.

medical training video

Cardiomyopathy UK


This series of films was aimed at providing online training for GPs to help them diagnose and treat patients with a rare heart condition. It was produced with extensive medical and expert input and is intended to contribute to doctors’ professional development.

We have also made a number of other medical training films that are used by NHS Trusts and charities.

online training video



IPSOS Mori are running a mass survey of young people born in the year 2000 and they asked us to produce a suite of training videos that will show researchers the correct way to take a series of physical measurements and conduct a number of tests.

We made 6 films in total, helping not only with scripting but also casting and location finding. We’ve since created more content for them.

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About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a UK video production company that works with corporate brands, the public sector, education providers and charities.

Online learning video production

Magneto makes educational elearning and corporate training videos for any online learning need.

Case study video

Many of our films feature real people’s stories, creating powerful emotional journeys and authentic user experiences.

Real people. Real stories

We work with respect and patience, allowing people to share their experiences in a positive way.