Emotional charity videos

Emotions come in more than one flavour so here are 3 emotional charity videos that ditch the melancholy music and tales of sadness in favour of intimate humour, bold courage and sexy fun. They show that emotional charity videos can provoke a range of feelings and reactions.

Dementia UK show us a husband and wife teasing each other, Breast Cancer Now shows us bravery and Friends of the Earth are raunchily funny about global warming.

1. Kelly & Ian: DEMENTIA UK

The love and warmth between Kelly and Ian really shines through and offers a touching counterpoint to the sadness of their story.

Dementia UK asked us to make a film to promote their Admiral Nurses service that would show the emotional impact that dementia puts on carers. The power of this film comes from Kelly – she’s funny, warm and totally open about the impact her husband’s young onset dementia has had on their lives. Dementia UK said that this film should come with a ‘mascara warning’ because it made everyone cry….

2. The Last One: Breast Cancer Now

A strong look coupled with a bold editing style allows the emotional impact of a breast cancer diagnosis to capture the viewers attention.

Filmed with a single locked off shot and jump cut between edits, this film allows Danielle to tell her story in a powerfully direct fashion. We’re left in no doubt about her bravery, fortitude and sense of humour and the result is an engaging, touching film that arouses all sorts of emotions from admiration to sympathy. Lovely film making from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R for Breast Cancer Now

3. Chloe & Will’s hot date: FRIENDS OF THE EARTH

Mildly risqué and very funny this steamy little film brings a new perspective to global warming.

Not your usual take on global warming or loft insulation …. this film dispenses with gloomy messages of impending doom and shots of crumbling icebergs. Instead it uses bold and well crafted humour to make home insulation sexy…. The film caused a minor storm when it was released, provoking complaints that it was trivialising the issue or using sex to sell but it went down storm and raised awareness in a very effective way. Made by Catsnake for Friends of the Earth.

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