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Video to recruit and communicate with staff

Employee video is an excellent way to communicate with staff: it’s a cost effective way of reaching large numbers of people; it’s flexible and people can watch it where and when they like; and it’s controllable, you can plan and manage the content.

And right now, communicating with employees and colleagues is vital as people need to know how they’re going to return safely to the workplace, what new working practices are in place and what changes might be happening.

Magneto Films makes online video to recruit new staff and to train, inform and inspire existing employees.

Recruitment video production

Recruitment video really helps prospective candidates get to know your organisation by featuring positive interviews with existing staff, to show more about the job and the working environment.

Safety video

Returning to the workplace during the Covid pandemic will need clear communication with staff. Health and safety video allows organisations to let staff know what changes are being made to the workplace.

Staff training

Staff training video allows organisations to communicate with large numbers of employees in a flexible and friendly fashion.

Onboarding video

Bring new employees on board is an important process and video makes it easy to welcome new team members and give them an insight into the culture.

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How organisations use video for recruitment and internal comms

Magneto Films works with many different organisations to make recruitment video and internal comms video. Our clients include public sector organsiations like the National Archives and the NHS, brands and businesses, as well charities like Age UK and Anthony Nolan.

Here are some successful examples of the ways our clients use video:

Safety video production

The National Archives

SAFE WORKING DURING COVID. The National Archives commissioned a film that to show staff how to use the building safely and to maintain hygiene and distancing guidelines. They also want to let them know their needs and safety had been carefully considered.

We worked with them to create a clear and concise film that’s friendly and informative.

Staff induction video

Mid & South Essex NHS

COMMUNICATING WITH NEW STAFF.  Mid & South Essex asked us to produce a film that would inspire new staff and let existing staff know that their core values remain the same.

We made a film that features more than a dozen staff – doctors, nurses, security guards, porters and everyone who makes a difference.

Recruitment video

RMBI Care Homes

 ATTRACTING NEW STAFF.  This national care home provider commissioned a film that would help to recruit new staff by showing them what the job entails.

We made them a sunny happy film that shows several staff going about their jobs, interacting with residents and explaining why they love working for RMBI.

Recruitment video production


RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS. Fareshare are a foodbank and food distribution service that relies heavily on volunteers. They commissioned us to make a recruitment video to attract new staff and to show them how a few hours a week could make a massive difference to other people’s lives.

The film we made was highly effective, resulting in 2,000 new applications with 2 weeks.

Corporate recruitment video

Age UK

CORPORATE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN A CHARITY. Age UK wanted to let people know that there’s more to working for a charity than running clothes shop or fundraising. They wanted to highlight the roles they recruit for and to show that they have a fun, creative working environment.

We made them a film that features everyone from IT specialists to policy planners and we filmed in locations from Devon to Essex.

Magneto Films delivered a video that makes us proud and is a great medium for us to show our new and potential staff.

NHS comms video | Magneto Films | London

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Effective ways to use staff video

Magneto Films has more than 10 years experience in making staff video, so here’s our run down of the most common types and how organisations use them.

Attracting new staff

Staff recruitment videos are an excellent way to tell prospective employees a bit more about the organisation, the role on offer, or even an insight into the working practices and culture.

Some companies are keen to show that they have a range of opportunities, others want to highlight the benefits and satisfaction of working for them.

Staff training video

Staff training video is an immersive and effective way to keep staff up to date with latest practices, to re-affirm principles or to tackle a new project.

Video is great for letting people watch on their own time, or to be shown as part of a group exercise.

Either way it’s flexible and affordable.

Staff video production | magneto films | London
staff recruitment video production

Onboarding video

Staff induction videos or staff on-boarding films are a fun and effective way to introduce new staff to the values and ethos of an organisation.

They’re an ideal way to let staff and colleagues know what’s expected of them, how the company functions and also to point out the fun side of office life too.

Company culture video

Letting staff know that change is happening or keeping them up to date with the impact of a new business direction is vital for staff retention and motivation.

Video is an informal way to introduce new ideas and to provide inspiration for staff too.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a London video production company that uses video to help clients achieve good things.

We work with the public sector, healthcare providers and charities.

In addition to staff recruitment and training videos, we offer these services:

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