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Film favourites of the week

This week brings three films that are topical, uplifting and motivational. Ranging from tackling the climate crisis to battling a cancer diagnosis, these films from Friends of the Earth, Anthony Nolan and Movember are packed with emotional punch.

Take away tips:

Focus on the positives – what can people reasonably do to help? By giving people purpose it’s more likely to get them involved in your campaign.

Tell the untold stories – diversity is crucial to consider when casting for films, especially if you’re trying to reach new and broader audiences.

Layered storytelling – humans by nature are multi-layered, there will always be more to them than meets the eye. Find out how their experience has impacted other areas of their life and use this to create more meaningful storytelling.

1. Friends of the Earth – tree planting in Oxford

A short and topical film from Friends of the Earth about tree planting in Oxford. A group of local students and residents are working together to double the tree coverage in their city. 

In a time of uncertainty I think you’ll agree this is a wonderful example of people coming together at a local level to help bring about positive change.

Find out how you can get your local council involved in tree planting on the Friends of the Earth website.

2. Anthony Nolan Storytellers – Rinesh

Next up, we’ve got one of our latest films with Anthony Nolan. Rinesh decided to donate his bone marrow, and as a result he’s helped to potentially save a life. It’s an incredible thing to do and Rinesh is a humble man, his personality really shines through. 

For these films we adopt a fresh, contemporary shooting style. It helps to bring the case study stories to life and constructs an engaging film from the get go.

3. Movember – No less of a man

Lastly, we follow the story of an Olympic swimmer who was diagnosed with cancer. Through a carefully constructed narrative we find out how his diagnosis impacted his career, his relationship with his wife and how the experience has changed his overall perspective on life.

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