Friday Film Club 9th August

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Our films of the week

This week’s Film Club brings four films to to inspire you with creative ways to make video for charities.

Each film takes a different approach to storytelling. You’ll see how you can use graphics to pick up pace, how you can tell a story just with visuals, or simply have someone sit down in front of a camera. 

Our selections range from a poetic TV ad for Lidl, to a constructive ‘how to’ guide from Plan International. We’ve even sprinkled in one of our own films just released with Anthony Nolan. Enjoy!

If you’ve made a film recently send it our way and we’ll feature it in our next blog.

Lidl – Big On

Lidl have knocked it out of the park with their latest TV ad. It’s lively, engaging and captures the warmth of friends and family brought together by food.

Take note of the creative way they’ve included photographs in the film.

Anthony Nolan Storytellers – Joe Crowley

TV presenter Crowley captured our hearts when he shared the moving story of losing his dad to blood cancer. This film looks at the effect the experience has had on Joe as a father himself.

In our Anthony Nolan series we combine visual storytelling with a voiceover narration, keeping the to-camera interview shots to a minimum. This technique creates an immersive film that instantly brings an audience into the heart of the story.

Open University – What’s Stopping You

A bold, punchy advert for the Open University. It combines graphics with simple images that clearly gets the message across in 30 seconds.

Plan International – How to get your local government to listen to you

We really enjoyed this how to guide from Plan International. It breaks down an otherwise complicated process into easy steps that anyone can follow.

Abigail is a great choice of presenter, she’s comfortable in front of the camera and shares her advice with confidence.

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