Friday Film Club

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Friday Film Club

Every week we aim to get together and share a film that’s caught our eye with the rest of the team. We share what we like about it and why, and it’s a great way to keep up to date with the latest trends and storytelling techniques.

This week we have 4 of our film choices to share with you.

The Royal Foundation – In Our Own Words

We love this film because it’s colourful, fun and snappy. It’s full of energy that keeps you watching to the end and reflects the diversity of voices of The Royal Foundation.

How To Make A Rainbow – A short documentary

How To Make A Rainbow is a short documentary that follows the journey of a mother and daughter over two years, through transitions of home and gender.

The simple use of music, and sometimes lack of, really draws your attention to the dialogue and what is playing out on screen.

Cancer Research UK – Cancer is happening right now

You’ve probably seen these films during a TV ad break. These short clips for CRUK are simple yet very effective because they focus on simple, very human moments in a day. This style of filmmaking could also work well for you if you have a lower budget for video production. Sometimes, less is more.

Landline – A short documentary

Landline is a beautifully constructed short documentary about the only helpline in the UK for gay farmers. Despite being tough to listen to I really like how they use real telephone conversations. It’s raw and hard hitting but it really makes you feel instantly involved and connected with the story. They then reenact these stories with actors and visual sequences.

We get asked a lot about how to tell real, authentic stories on film while protecting people’s identity. This is a really effective technique you can use to do this.

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