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Using video for fundraising

Fundraising video is more important than ever before.

As charities and organisations have lost access to many of their traditional ways to raise money such as sports events, galas or even charity shops, online fundraising has become vital.  And fundraising video production has become a key component of creating an effective strategy.

Magneto Films has more than 10 years experience in creating effective fundraising films and our successes include:


Donation to a charity client from a single corporate donor.


Raised at a major donor gala.


In online donations for a charity client.

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How organisations and charities use video for fundraising

Magneto films works with charities, hospices and NHS Charities to make fundraising video.  Our current and recent clients include Helen & Douglas House Hospice, Anthony Nolan, MS Trust and Haven House Hospice.

Charity fundraising

 We’ve helped charities as diverse as Anthony Nolan, Children with Cancer, the MS Trust and the Leonard Cheshire Foundation to create video that has brought in millions of pounds in donations.

Legacy giving

We create video campaigns for many leading charities, using emotional storytelling and clear impact statements to encourage supporters to leave a bequest in their wills.

Fundraising events

We make high impact, beautifully shot event films that bring your stories and successes to life, creating emotion and encouraging on the spot donations.

Online fundraising

We make content that’s designed to be viewed and shared online, with bespoke edits for social media, websites and YouTube.

Our latest fundraising videos

Fundraising video

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity, commissioned us to make this fundraising video for their annual Daisy Ball Event. It uses a combination of personal stories and beautifully shot images to make a powerful appeal.

The film was a key part of their event and helped generate considerable new income.

Online fundraising video

Helen & Douglas House Children's Hospice

This children’s hospice asked for a film that would dispel the myth that a hospice a place for the end of life, and would connect with local donors to create a fundraising ask.

We created a beautifully written and wonderfully shot film that takes viewer right inside the hospice.

Corporate sponsorship and fundraising


This film was designed to help a trade association raise funds from its corporate members and industry sponsors, and is being used at pitch meetings and events.

It’s an intimate story based approach that makes a strong case for funding by demonstrating impact.

Legacy fundraising video

Leonard Cheshire

This film was commissioned to encourage people to leave a legacy for Leonard Cheshire in their wills.

It features a donor who comes face to face with the people and places her legacy will help to support.

Charity fundraising video

MS Trust

The MS Trust are keen to raise money for their nurses who devote so much time and care to supporting people in the community with MS.

We focused on the stories of several nurses and the people they support.

Working with Magneto has been a smooth, effective and very enjoyable experience.

Anthony Nolan leukaemia charity

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How to create the most effective type of fundraising video

Magneto Films has been making fundraising films for well over ten years, so here’s our run down of the most common types and how organisations use them.

Charity fundraising video

Making a video to support your charity’s fundraising efforts is a proven strategy for increasing a campaign’s effectiveness. Our clients often ask us for films that feature real people’s stories, and to create videos that have a real emotional punch.

We carefully plan films to include key messages and clear calls to action.

Video for legacy giving

Creating a video that shows the impact of legacy giving is an excellent way to persuade supporters to leave a gift in their wills for your charity.

We make films that highlight the services and facilities that are made possible by legacies, and we often feature the stories of people who’ve dontated or left legacies.

fundraising video production | Magneto Films | London
fundraising video production | Magneto Films | London

Video for fundraising events

Bringing the stories and outcomes of your work to life on the screen when you have a receptive audience can really help to encourage donors to dig deep on the day.

We’re experts at creating cinematic looking films that carry a clear message to donate.

Corporate donors and sponsorship

Making a video that’s tailor made to a corporate audience is a highly effective way of persuading large businesses to make substantial donations.

We’ve created bespoke corporate fundraising videos that have achieved individual donations of £1million pounds.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a London video production company that uses video to help clients achieve good things.

We work with the public sector, healthcare providers and charities.

In addition to fundraising video we offer these services:

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