Working with the NHS & healthcare providers

Healthcare video production

We put people at the heart of our health videos.

Magneto’s approach of working with real people to capture case histories helps our clients to promote services and products in a personal and friendly way.

Our clients include the NHS, health charities, care homes and pharma companies.

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Featured Project

health case study

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Meet Bertie and the Kay family. This is their story of the support they’ve received from Muscular Dystrophy UK and the difference it’s made to their lives.

Our latest health films

Our health work includes patient information films, training films and awareness campaigns.

Clients include NHS England , NHS trusts, and health charities. We also work with life science and pharmaceutical clients.

Patient information films

Buckinghamshire NHS

A film designed to encourage the uptake of the MMR vaccince.

Health charities

Anthony Nolan

One of 7 films we’ve made to mark National Storytelling Week for this blood cancer charity.

NHS & hospitals

South London and the Maudsley Hospital

A heartwarming film that explores the therapeutic relationships between staff and patients.

Mental health video


An intensely personal video featuring 3 people who share their tips on combining health care and exercise to support their mental health.

Healthcare video

Care Homes & the Ederly

We particularly enjoy making films about older people and we’ve collaborated with many charities such as Age UK, as well as making films for care homes and day centres.

Medical training films

We’re often called on to make videos that help professionals to understand a particular condition or treatment. These can be used as part of CPD.

Medical conference video

Magneto often makes films to be shown at conferences or films that capture speakers and sessions at events. Amongst other clients we’ve made films for NHS England, the Royal College of Nursing and the Lancet.

Pharmaceutical & life sciences

We offer a white label service producing films for agencies and for pharma clients, making films that communicate research impact or give tips on living with a particular disease.

The quality of their production was outstanding and they approached the films in a collaborative and practical manner.

Michael LaffanBritish Lung Foundation