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A Video Marketing Strategy Guide for Charities

There’s a lot that goes into making a video. And while it’s great to get practice and play around with your creative side, don’t forget that your videos should have a well thought out content plan behind them.

In this blog we’re going to show you how to create a video marketing strategy that’s effective at attracting an audience but also making sure they stick around.

Enter, the hero hub and help (or hygiene) model.

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The Three H’s

In the current digital world where we put out so much media every day, it pays to organise this content in a way that’s easy to navigate and works strategically to your benefit.

The hero hub help model was designed by Google and YouTube publishers, so you know it’s worth its salt! It works by dividing up your digital content into three categories, each with a specific purpose.

It’s particularly useful if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the demands of making video content. The strategy helps you to focus your content and makes the process of producing content that bit more manageable.

Before we get into the model, make sure you have a place to store all your videos so it’s easy for people to find and browse. YouTube and Vimeo are good places to do this.

Hero Content

Hero content is the big guns. It’s shareable video that will boost your visibility on social and allow you to reach a wider, brand new audience.

Think of it like the wow factor. This is what will grab people in and get them paying attention. Hero content could be a viral video, an advert or an endorsement from a famous face. It could also be video used for a big fundraising event or something you plan to promote on social media.

It’s good to keep hero content to a minimum and (of course depending on your budget) something like this a few times a year is what you should be aiming for.

We recently made this moving hero film for Haven House Children’s Hospice. The film was screened at a fundraising event and raised over 100k on the night.

Hub Content

This is the regular, consistent stuff that increases engagement and keeps people coming back. It’s also where people can find out more about what you do.

Hub is different to hero in that it tends to have more longevity and not be as time consuming or costly to produce. It’s also where you can build and reinforce your brand’s identity. Think about what it is that you do and what it is that people would want to know, see and share. That’s the kind of content you should be focusing on making.

Great hub content includes Samaritans’ Wednesday Wisdom that goes out every week and the RSPCA inspector diaries, another regular series.

Help (Hygiene) Content

Last but not least, your help content is where you want to focus on what your core audience is interested in and give them videos they can take something from.

Probably the most popular example of this is how to videos. People will always need to know how to do things, make things and deal with things. And as we know, YouTube is the second most popular search engine to Google so make use of this!

Earlier this year we worked with Dementia UK to produce a series of short films all about coping when you’re caring for someone with dementia. These videos sit in an advice section on their website, providing focused and valuable advice for their core audience.

The Payoff

Now you’ve established an audience with your hero content, kept them interested with your hub content and given them invaluable advice with your help content, people will be ready and waiting for the next big hero piece you release.

Hopefully this has been useful to you and if you’re interested in learning more there’s great explainer videos on YouTube to give you more information.

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