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Tracking Digital Engagement – the clever way to discover who has been visiting your website..

Google Analytics is great on the numbers but charities thrive on people –  Support Whisperer, Rachel Collinson reveals a neat way to find out who’s been looking…

In some ways digital engagement is a numbers game – we measure the big metrics, like how many people have visited a site how long they spent there and even which pages they looked at. But that’s a bit like counting the numbers of people who look in your shop window, not how many people actually buy something

But what if you could discover not only how many people visited your site but who they work for, how many times they’ve visited the site and what they looked at?

That’s the promise of a tool called Canddi – a piece of technology that recognises and tells you who is on your website – which is tremendously useful if you’re looking for high value donors. It goes way beyond Google Analytics which focuses on the numbers but doesn’t tell you anything about people .. and people are what charities thrive on: donors, supporters and corporate partners.

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The reports allow you to see the visitor’s name, their company name, a picture of them, the number of visits they’ve made and all the things they did while they were on the site. It will also tell you (where possible) how the person found your site.

canddi  digital engagement video production

A bit Big Brother? Yes. Kinda spooky? Yup.

But, the thing is – this is all information that you already collect from web analytics and forms on your site. CANDDi simply brings it all together and presents it to you in easily digestible form. (Of course, it’s important that you’re transparent and you let visitors know how you’re using their data in your privacy policy!)

So many nonprofits end up pestering people who couldn’t care less, about stuff that bores them. My experience is that people actually appreciate what Canddi does if you use it to focus on what they’re interested in when you speak to them, right after they’ve demonstrated they’re considering supporting you. And that’s good for everybody.

RACHEL COLLINSON – the The Supporter Whisperer, is Director of Innovation & Knowledge Sharing at Engaging Networks. She tweets jobs and tips for online campaigners & fundraisers @rachel_shares

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