Kirsty Marrins on getting the most out of Vine

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Kirsty MarrinsWhen six seconds is enough!  Digital Communications and Social Media Consultant Kirsty Marrins has the heads up on getting the most out of Vine, Twitter’s mini video app.


Since Vine launched, charities have been using the six second video App in lots of clever ways; from thanking supporters to recruiting staff. When you only have six seconds, how do you make those seconds count?


Make sure you tell a story

As with all stories, your Vine should have a beginning, a middle and an end.  Think about what your charity stands for. Could you convey your elevator pitch in just six seconds? The National Autistic Society uses Vine in very clever ways to highlight their Policy work.

Have a clear message

Think first about what your message or call to action is, then work out how you can express that message in just six seconds. Keep it simple with one message at a time and be sure to linger longer on a call to action or any text you have. Although the video plays on a continuous loop, viewers shouldn’t have to watch it three times just to read your copy. Diabetes UK created an excellent Vine to educate people about the four T’s – toilet, thirsty, tired, thinner.

A picture says a thousand words

Vine has the ability to record sound but most charity Vines I’ve seen so far are soundless. Often a song or a voiceover will pull on our emotions but images can do this too and when you only have six seconds, a powerful image needs to work as hard as it can. If you are using images as stills, ensure they are high-resolution and in focus.

Get closer to your supporters

What better way to say ‘thank you’ to a fundraiser, campaigner or donor by creating a personal Vine and then tweeting it to them? It is a wonderful, inexpensive way of making people feel special and appreciated.

Let your personality shine

Social media has already enabled us to give a personality to our charities by letting us engage directly with the people we support and the people and organisations that support us. So why not let Vine do the same? Show your supporters the people behind the charity with ‘Meet the Team’, ‘A day in the life of…’ or ‘Funny things that happen in the office’ Vines. After all, people invest in people so let your staff shine!


About Kirsty 

Kirsty has been working in Communications for the charity sector for the past seven years and now works as a freelance consultant, helping charities, start-ups and individuals with their social media. Kirsty contributes to a number of sector publications, is a Conference Ambassador for the Institute of Fundraising and a Media Trust trainer. She is also a proud Trustee of the Small Charities Coalition and a CharityComms mentor. Go Kirsty!

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