Latest Trends in Charity Film

What's new in charity film?

Here are the latest trends in charity film. We’ve got some great examples to share with you from the Dogs Trust, Time to Change, Anthony Nolan and Mind.

1. Being indirect

Making direct, strong call to actions can work well but it can also have the opposite effect and turn people away. Instead you can let people know who you are and what you do in a way that’s less forceful and more thought provoking.

You can see this in action in following film we made for the Dogs Trust and a mental health campaign for Time To Change.

Dogs Trust – Lost Dog Campaign

Time to Change – #AskTwice

It’s not immediately obvious what these films are about or who they’re for but they get your attention because, well, they’re ridiculous. Why is a man in a dog costume wandering the streets of London? Why is someone trapped under a tree and why does his friend not even notice? Be silly and leave people wondering ‘but, why?!’ 

Being indirect also helps us to talk about stuff that isn’t always easy to talk about, like mental health.

2. Authenticity

Another trend making the rounds is authentic content. It sounds obvious but being authentic is really important when it comes to getting people interested in your charity. It also helps with building trust. This could be a case study film or user-generated content.

Mind – One Health

We recently made this film for Mind and the reaction to it has been great. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes and leave in the unscripted quips and outtakes. It brings humanity to a film and instantly makes the subjects more likeable and relatable.

Being authentic also means that not everything has to be scripted. Sometimes lines that you didn’t plan for can be more powerful so don’t be afraid to include these in the final edit.

Anthony Nolan – Jo Kelly

Another great way to be authentic is through user-generated content. Jo shares the story of her stem cell donation using home footage from her phone.

Don’t worry if the footage isn’t high quality, it’s about the quality of content. The video is engaging because Jo is charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera. It’s also cost effective, if you don’t have a huge budget you can produce content easily and at a low cost.

3. Be bold, be visual

When you’re scrolling through social media a video has on average 3 seconds (or the time it takes to pick up a dropped biscuit while it’s still good) to get your attention. Which means it’s got to start with a bang.

When we made this film for Anthony Nolan we wanted something fast-paced and snappy that instantly got your attention. There’s a lot of benefits to using bold on-screen text, it catches the eye and lets you pull out key messages/statistics you want to stand out.

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