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Versus Arthritis

Video for social media launch

Versus Arthritis commissioned Magneto Films to produce a launch video for their app that allows young people to record and manage their arthritis symptoms. The video was for use on their social media channels and also for release to newspapers and other media outlets. A secondary requirement was for it be useful for an audience of young people, to let them know about the app and to show it in use.

Co-designed app

The app was developed in conjunction with a number of young people, who’d also been involved in beta testing and trialing the app. We suggested that they’d be ideal advocates for the app and that the video should be centered around their experiences and views. We also felt that it was important to show how the technology fitted into their everyday lives and to demonstrate the benefits that they felt it delivered. Working alongside the comms team from Versus Arthritis, we recruited a number of the app’s users and brought them together in a family style setting, showing them using the app, interacting with each other and giving their feedback on the tech.

Technology video with a human focus

A key editorial decision was to focus on the beneficial impact of the technology and to highlight the easy way it fits into people’s lives. And as the app itself is very intuitive and easy to use, we were able to concentrate on people’s stories and outcomes rather than delving too deeply into the tech itself. The result is a well paced, informative film that’s full of empathy and insight.

Thank you so much for this film, it's brilliant!

App launch video production | magneto films | London

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App launch video production | Magneto Films | London
App launch video production | Magneto Films | London
App launch video production | Magneto Films | London

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