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By December 3, 2015best charity video

This week, three films that feature Mothers’ Stories – examples of case study video that creates real intimacy by using three very different techniques.

TOMMY’s brings us Rosie’s story – a pure and simple interview that packs an emotional punch.

TOGETHER FOR SHORT LIVES – takes us on a roller coaster of feelings.

And LITTLE HEARTS MATTER use family photos to tell an arresting story.

1. Rosie’s Story: TOMMY’s

The honesty and bravery of this young mother gives an immediate power to this film.

This film (made by Magneto Films) for Tommy’s relies entirely on the direct emotional connection that’s established by simply concentrating on Rosie’s face as she tells her story of dealing with several miscarriages before finally having a wonderfully healthy and happy child. I’ve been making films about sensitive subjects for more than 15 years and I’ve rarely been as moved or impressed by the raw open-ness and emotional honesty of an interviewee. We decided that the film didn’t need any complicated techniques to make it work.  Thank you Rosie.

2. We’re having a baby: TOGETHER FOR SHORT LIVES

A gem of a film that combines a real family’s story with well drawn and sympathetic animations.

This film for Together For Short Lives, made by Hurricane Media, has been racking up the awards. In less than 2 minutes it takes you on one mother’s emotional journey from the elation of learning she’s pregnant and imaging the life her child might lead, to discovering that her baby has a life limiting disease ,and then onto the help offered by the charity. Simple and moving. Very clever.

3. A mother’s journey: LITTLE HEARTS MATTER

Creative use of family photographs gives this film real intimacy and an emotional connection.

Telling a story and showing how people change or just what happens to someone over a long period can really tricky, but the team at Little Hearts Matter have got over this by using photos of Charlie, a young man born with only half a heart.

The story is told by Alison, Charlie’s mother and as she tells us about her son’s condition, we’re shown lots of family pictures, starting with a pre-natal scan of Charlie. It’s a simple but overwhelming technique that explains the situation more clearly and powerfully than an interview or animation ever could. The sight of Charlie as an infant, recovering from open heart surgery brings the reality of the situation home and as the film progresses and we see him grow up into a young man, undergoing more operations and finally progressing to secondary school and taking part in plays and musicals.  Wonderful work from the charity’s Youth Leader, Laura who made it.

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