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New charity video weekly round up

New films this week from Centrepoint, Mind, Anthony Nolan, Dogs Trust and Alzheimer’s Research. As always, if you’ve made or spotted a film and would like us to feature it in our review next week, why not send us a tweet or an email!

Trends we’ve spotted this week:

1. Sound Design

Sometimes music gets in the way. Using natural sound or back ground noise can help your film standout. Check out Centrepoint’s film – or our brand film for Anthony Nolan – to see this technique in action.

2. Spoofing YouTube

‘How to’ videos are massively popular, so leveraging off this simple formula can help people find your video and the info they need. Anthony Nolan have tried this.

3. Little and Often

Making cheaper DIY video means you can engage with your audience more often. Dogs Trust in Leeds do this brilliantly – their YouTube is full of doggy films, bursting with character.

ABI’s STORY: Centrepoint UK

What we love about this film from Centrepoint is the clever sound design.

Music is kept to a bare minimum and instead the focus is on the natural background sound. It keeps the film engaging and, in-keeping with Abi’s emotional state as she tells her story, harnesses the broken and jarring journey she goes through. It catches your attention and works well with the story being told.

Sound and story work hand in hand, and this is the perfect example that sometimes a lack of music can be more effective.

(Produced by Mile 91


Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are How To videos. If there’s one thing that people will always be searching for, it’s videos that show them how to do something. So it’s a great idea for charities to take advantage of this format – boosting searchability and offering useful info.

Anthony Nolan have created this short, fun animation letting people know how they can become stem cell donors.  Animations are a great way to create videos that are fun to watch, while also giving lots of information in bite-size and easy to digest chunks.


Recently we teamed up with Mind to produce their Christmas appeal that they’ve released this week. Nadine shares her story with mental illness and how she copes at this time of year.

Showing real vulnerability in film is incredibly important when you want to make an impact. It’s the raw, gritty stuff that often makes people pay attention.

Not only that, but sharing personal stories like this can really help others gain the confidence they need to seek help themselves if they are in a similar situation.

(Produced by Magneto Films)

ROXY: Dogs Trust Leeds

By using a low budget film to introduce us to Roxy, Dogs Trust Leeds’ film this week does what video does best – shows rather than just telling. We really get to see Roxy’s character shine out and we see how well trained and obedient she is.

Video makes information so much more accessible to people, all for free. By creating video portfolios for their dogs it allows potential owners to learn a lot about the dog before they even meet them, and hugely increases visibility for the dogs who need a home… genius!

You don’t always need fancy equipment and a chunk of money to make films. Sometimes the most effective videos are made using your phones and free editing software like iMovie.

TRINA & GRAHAM: Alzheimer’s Research UK

This film from Alzheimer’s Research UK was actually released last month, but it caught our attention so much we had to feature it. If you’d like to see there latest Christmas film then it’s here

We’re a big believer of using real people to tell real stories. It can be incredibly powerful, especially when you need people to sit up, pay attention and engage with your charity’s message.

The film gives an intimate insight into the vulnerability of both Trina and Graham as it follows how they are dealing with Trina’s illness. It really allows the viewer to empathise with their journey, making this a powerful charity film.

(Produced by Across the Pond

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