New trends in charity video

By November 24, 2017Best Charity Videos

New Trends in Charity Video

Keeping up to date with the latest video trends can be tricky and time consuming. But there’s a lot to watch and learn from. So to make it a bit easier for you, we’ll be sharing our weekly roundups of the best videos we’ve enjoyed watching and what you can learn from them.

Three trends in charity video we’ve noticed this week:


1) Films are getting longer. ‘How long should a video be’ is the age old question. But recent findings suggest Facebook algorithms are now favouring longer videos.

2) Creativity Counts. Don’t be afraid of venturing away from what you know. This week’s films from Cats Protection League and American Heart Association take a lateral approach to charity video.

3) Recipes are taking over your inbox. So to harness the popularity of this style of video, the American Heart Association has made a video that’s usefully watchable and promotes their cause.

LONELY THIS CHRISTMAS: The Children’s Society

All good charity videos tell a story. And this one does it wonderfully.

We’re able to empathise with the girl’s journey of emotions – her loneliness, her confusion, her fear – while the text messages pop up on screen.

It’s the perfect example of how to tell an effective story with no dialogue. You’re engaged in the story entirely through the visuals, and the cinematic quality adds the finishing touch.

FELINE FACTS: Cats Protection

Next we have this short, sweet and informative video made by Cat’s Protection.

As with all content on YouTube it’s not always about what you produce, but how you produce it. Cat’s Protection run series of short and informative videos all about cats and how to care for them.

Cat lovers especially won’t be able to resist these cute videos in their sub boxes. But this method of uploading videos in a series works for them. Looking at the number of views their films get on their channel they’re consistent, with most reaching into the hundreds, often pushing thousands.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: American Heart Association

You don’t always have to stick to the same style of video to promote your charity. Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and find new ways of engaging with your audience.

American Heart Association have been regularly making healthy recipe videos for their YouTube channel. Rather cleverly, they follow the trend of the ever popular ‘Tasty’ recipe videos that infiltrate everyone’s Facebook feed. Come on, we all secretly love them.

Finding out what people love watching and creating your own similar content can be really effective, and this is a great example of that.

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