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Working with the NHS

Magneto has been providing NHS video production services for the last 10 years. We work closely with individual trusts as well as national level directorates.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for NHS clients including patient information films, campaign video, healthcare recruitment and public service films.

We have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality video for NHS clients, and our crews work professionally and discreetly with clinical staff and patients alike.

Our recent NHS video clients include NHS England and Improvement and trusts including Humberside, The South London and the Maudsley, and Mid & South Essex NHS Trust.

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our latest NHS video

Recruitment for Mid & South Essex NHS Trust

Mid & South Essex Foundation commissioned us to produce this recruitment video to attract applications from critical care staff.

We worked with them to create a clear script that clearly explained the roles available and the benefits of working with the foundation.

And we established a visual style featuring staff from across the foundation’s 3 main sites. Shot under Covid restrictions, it’s a well-paced and watchable film.

Magneto Films delivered a recruitment video that makes us proud, made us smile and is a great medium for us to show our new and potential staff.

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Working with the NHS

Magneto has been working with the NHS for well over 10 years, so we have a deep understanding of the sector. Our crews are well versed in working in clinical conditions, and are as happy filming a busy CEO as we are a nervous patient.

Films for NHS Trusts

Magneto works with Trusts all over the UK, with recent productions ranging from Humber to Frimley Health Trust in Hampshire. We work collaboratively with comms teams and patient information officers within Trusts.

NHS England

We frequently work with national level NHS organisations and we’ve recently produced videos for NHS England and NHS Improvement. We’re experts at crafting video that’s effective and engaging.

NHS Charities

We also work with NHS charities to make films to promote and explain their services, to campaign or to raise funds. We bring a background in charity video production as well as our healthcare experience to our work for NHS Charities.


Patient Information Films

When people are newly diagnosed with a condition or they’re receiving treatment, they often have many concerns and questions. Video is a reassuring way to offer help and advice in a form that’s easy to share and can be watched privately.

Vision & Values

Many NHS organisations are going through substantial change, so video becomes a vital tool for communicating with staff across Trusts or Foundations. We make films that help NHS comms teams or human resources to communicate new strategies and visions to a wide team.

Onboarding & Recruitment Video

Attracting and retaining staff is a high priority for NHS Trusts and a well made video is an effective way of showcasing roles and facilities to recruit new clinical or care staff. It’s also a useful part of the onboarding process to explain values and share information to new staff.

Campaign videos

Video is a powerful tool for creating behaviour change or letting people know about new services and facilities that are available to them. We’ve worked with NHS Improvement to showcase personal healthcare budgets or to encourage patients to use on-line services.

Every shot of the film was considered thoughtfully and emotively, and the content of our film successfully conveyed our strategy,

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Some of our recent NHS video productions

Our latest work includes a recruitment video for critical care staff, a film for the NHS Communications team at South London & The Maudsley, case studies for NHS Improvement, and a strategy film for Frimley NHS.

Showcasing personal healthcare budgets

NHS England & NHS Improvement

NHS England commissioned us to make a series of campaign films to promote the use of personal care budgets. We worked with them to create a films that explained what how budgets work, give expert advice, and feature personal case studies.

Strategy video for NHS Trust

Frimley Health NHS Trust

With an ambitious five year strategy that includes new hospitals and transforming their service, Frimley Healt asked us to make this video to share the results of a staff consultation process that’s helping to shape the future of the Trust. We feature contributions from staff at all levels from care worker to Chief Executive.

Staff inclusion video for NHS mental health

South London and the Maudsley

This famous Mental Health Trust needed a series of uplifting videos that would inspire and motivate staff by reminding them of the huge difference their care makes to the patients they serve. We featured the stories of the therapeutic relationships that develop between staff and patients.

Patient information video

Guys & St Thomas Hospitals

This series of films gives patients newly diagnosed with kidney failure a guide to the renal services unit at Guys and St Thomas Hospital. Featuring help and advice from clinical staff and patients, the films allow viewers to understand how their care may progress and what to expect at the unit.

NHS case study video

NHS Thurrock

NHS Improvement use this series of videos to showcase the transformation that’s taking place within the NHS and the improvement that it’s bringing to patient care. This film was shot with NHS Thurrock and features the story of Ellie and the treatment she’s had from Child & Adult Mental Health Services.

NHS Communications Video

Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation

This video is packed with character and features staff from several hospitals in Essex who are shortly going to be working together as part of the Mid & South Essex NHS Trust. Shot on 3 hospital sites, this film is designed to foster a sense of community and to let staff know the positive impact of the changes.

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More NHS video services

Copywriting and scripting

We offer our clients a full copywriting service, helping them to produce expert scripts that communicate clearly and effectively. We’re adept at creating content that matches brand messages and existing tone of voice.

Photography services

In addition to videography for the NHS we also provide a stills photography service, either shooting alongside our video crews or separately. We shoot corporate head shots, staff portraits and documentary style images.

Case studies

Featuring the real stories of patients, clinical staff or services users helps create a personal connection with your audience. Our case study films use strategic storytelling to deliver key messages in an authentic and watchable style.

Medical training video

We make films that are used by medical staff and general practicioners as part of their continual professional development. We liaise with clients to make accurate and informative training films.

NHS Conference video

Magneto produces conference videos for NHS clients for use as a record of the day, to capture keynote addresses or to create an archive of content that’s accessible long after the event is over.

Infographics & Animations

Using clear and concise animation or detail rich infographics is an effective strategy for NHS video. We create highly visual and beautifully animated videos and we offer scriptwriting and storyboarding services too.

Are you thinking of commissioning a video for the NHS?

An NHS video production project will raise some unique concerns, such as how do you work safely in clinical situations or how do you deal with privacy and consent? With over 10 years of experience and many satisfied NHS clients, we’re happy to discuss concerns and share our knowledge.

Here are the some of the most commonly asked questions about the practicality and costs of our NHS video production services.

What sorts of NHS organisations make video?

We make films for the NHS at all levels, from national groups like NHS England and NHS Improvement, to Trusts and Foundations, or even individual GP surgeries.

Why do NHS foundations make video?

Video is an effective way to share information across a large organisation in a way that’s easy to share and engaging to watch. Uses for video include training, staff recruitment or communications, patient information or campaigns.

How much does it cost to get a video made for the NHS?

We offer NHS clients the same lower rates as our charity clients. Costs range from beteen £4,500 and £7,500 for recruitment video, and from £3,500 to £5,000 for training video or patient information films. Campaign video costs from £5,000 to £12,000.

What type of films do you make for the NHS?

Prices for healthcare video range from around £2,500 for a case study video, £6,000 for an internal comms film, and up to £15,000+ for a TV & cinema advert. We’re always willing to talk budgets and do the best we can with what’s available.