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Online learning video for CEOs and Financial Officers

online learning video | Magneto Films | London
"Working with Magneto has been a pleasure. Gaby’s style of interviewing puts people at ease and we’ve got some great films as a result. "

Financial training videos

Magneto was commissioned to produce a series of videos about financial sustainability for an online learning and training package for CEOs of further education colleges. We worked with digital education specialists DESQ and their client the Education Training Foundation.

The online video training is a series of online continuing professional development modules around key management issues.   It was co-designed with leaders in the FE sector who wanted practical advice on issues like financial sustainability.


Demand for online learning video

One of the trends we’ve noticed recently is that organisations are increasingly turning to video to deliver effective online training. This trend has been accelerated by the COVID induced “new normal” with in person communication moving into a digital space.

Working to a well planned brief

With the structure of the training in place, it was our job to create a series of engaging, interview-based videos with CEOs and FE Principals who would share their insights and practical tips on a range of topics, such as financial sustainability.

Supported by desq and ETF we worked with a wide range of CEO and Principals from FE colleges around the country. It’s been a pleasure to meet and interview the dynamic and impressive CEOs.

We’ve brought Magneto’s style and personable approach to the filming.   We make sure that the process of being interviewed is as easy and enjoyable as possible. This helps people to come across in a natural relaxed way.   We get good feedback about the process of being interviewed.

Peer educators

The result is a series of friendly concise videos in which information is delivered by CEOs and CFOs – featuring the target audience promotes trust and creates authencicity. We’re great fans of peer to peer learning.

The modules are broken down into a series of short topics which flow one after the other with videos of leaders contributing insights and real-life examples. Information becomes relatable and practical. CEOS can share the challenges they faced and the steps they took to overcome them. We’ve also encouraged CEOs to share their top tips and achievements with other CEOs.

We were able to complete filming for Module 1 of the Principals Development Resources before lockdown struck. This section was launched in May and we’re are currently working with desq to produce the second module on “Using Data to Drive a Performance Improvement Culture which will be launched in July.

Collaborative Production

Each shoot has been a great collaboration with desq Producer Nick West attending along with ETF’s expert Advisor Chris Jones. It’s always a pleasure for us having clients at a shoot, so they can observe and feedback to shape the content we’re gathering. Chris and Nick have been involved at each stage of the process to ensure that that information is as useful and as rich as possible for the training. This has made the whole process very calm, constructive and enjoyable.

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on line learning video | Magneto Films | London
video learning | Magneto films | London
elearning video | Mangeto Films | London

Online learning video production agency

Magneto Films makes video content for elearning and online training and we’re experts in producing clear and effective films that help organisations deliver effective training.

We work with organisations as varied as the British Transport Police, the NHS, Versus Arthritis and Age UK and we produce elearning films for training, continuing professional development, staff induction and on-boarding.

You can see more types of online learning video production here or if you’re interested in training video in general then have a look at our training video page here.

Our online training video services include

SCRIPTING – we work with clients to produce detailed and accurate scripts that ensure the training content is up to date and correct.

CASTING – we’ve got access to a large roster of talent who can present training videos or we can help coach your own contributors through the process.

LOCATIONS – most organisations like us to come and film on their own premises – it makes the videos familiar and friendly – but we can also help provide studios or other filming locations as needed.

SUBTITLES and SIGN LANGUAGE – in order to make films as accessible as possible, we can produce versions with subtitles or even with British Sign Language.

Our other video production services

Magneto Films makes a full range of online and video content. We work with brands, businesses and the public sector, as well as charities and not for profits and our clients include the National Archive, The British Council, the NHS and the British Transport Police.

Case Study Video

There’s nothing like a well made case study to show an audience who you are and what you do. We work with businesses and charities to to bring the power of storytelling to testimonial videos and case studies.

Campaign Video

Whether you’re launching a marketing campaign or trying to drive change with a publicity campaign, video is an effective way to create attention and engagement.

Marketing Video

Video is an integral part of most marketing campaigns, and we’re experts in producing marketing video content to support new products, new brands and exciting launches.

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