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Video to help patients with treatment & diagnosis

Patient information video is an excellent way to communicate with people in a friendly and informative way: it’s easy to understand, can be watched conveniently and privately and is useful to communicate with large numbers of people.

Our patient video production services include information films, case study videos and medical information films to help patients learn more about their condition and the treatment they may receive.

People who are newly diagnosed with an illness often have lots of questions or need reassurance about the treatment they’ll receive or details of how their condition will be managed. A well made patient information video is an effective way to put their minds at rest.

Magneto Films provides patient information video production for the NHS, hospitals, charities and pharmaceutical companies and our clients include NHS England, Guys & St Thomas Hospital and several AHSNs.

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How organisations use patient information video

Magneto Films works with many different NHS Trusts, medical and patient charities, and pharmaceutical companies to make patient information films.

Patient education video

Helping people to understand their condition and letting them know what their treatment may entail and even showing them where their treatment may take place, provides reassurance to both the newly diagnosed and the chronically ill.

Training video

Some long term illnesses require patients to take charge of some procedures themselves or may be treated at home. A patient information video can be useful to demonstrate the correct way to carry out a treatment or how to take medication.

Case studies

Sharing the stories of existing patients and how they cope with their illness or chronic condition can be an effective way to engage with an audience that’s worried or unsure.

Medical information video

Sometimes healthcare organisations need to explain detailed instructions or precise information with an audience that may not be experts. Video provides an opportunity to create clear and accurate medical communications that can be tailored to an audience.

Patient information video production

Guys & St Thomas Hospital Renal Unit

This busy NHS Trust needed a series of patient focused films to explain the work of their renal unit. They want to let patients who are newly diagnosed with kidney failure what their treatment might be like, to introduce the unit and some of the staff, and to meet other patients who are successfully being treated at the unit.

They were so pleased with the 5 films we made for them that we’re currently working on patient information videos for another department at the same trust.

Patient case study video


This international patient organisation needed a film that told an inspiring personal story in a way that would offer insight and information to patients living with cholesterol. We featured the story of Stephen who’s life has been transformed by successful treatment.

Peer information video

Social Media Campaign

 We were commissioned to make a series of ‘life hack’ videos to help people with rheumatoid arthritis share their tips and tricks for living with this chronic condition. This film features Erika, a journalist, blogger and mum who has a whole range of helpful hints to share. The films were used as part of a successful social media campaign to encourage other people to share their tips too.

Hospital video production

App for Guys & St Thomas

This film is one of a series of videos we produced about the medication that people may need after a heart attack and how it helps. The films are for an app produced for Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Charity patient information video

Dementia UK

We worked with Dementia UK to create a series of films about Admiral Nurses and the work they do. Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give practical, clinical and emotional support to families living with dementia.

The Magneto team brought our organization's message to life with stunning artistry. In their capable hands, the concept of cardiovascular health became personal, relatable and, perhaps most importantly, actionable.

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Effective ways to use patient information video

Magneto Films has been working with the NHS and healthcare organisations for more than 10 years, so we have excellent practical experience of how organisations use video and why they commission information films. Here are some of the most common ways people use video to provide help and advice.

Information for newly diagnosed patients

A new diagnosis means a lot of information for patients to take in so making a patient information video is an ideal way to allow people to learn about their condition in an easy way.

Updates on new treatments

For people with long term conditions, treatments may change so keeping patients up to date is vital. Patient video is ideal for communicating new information to a large audience.

Accurate medical comms

Safety and accuracy are vital in medical communications, so a well planned and carefully scripted video is a controlled and safe way to get information to a wide audience.

patient information video production | Magneto Films | London
patient information video production | Magneto Films | London

Peer education video

Hearing from someone who is already living with a condition can be a reassuring way for people to learn more about a diagnosis or a course of treatment.

Emotional support

Using video to tell the real story of a patient can help others deal with their emotions, offering insight and explanation, along with advice on where and when to seek help.

Private and discrete

Patient information videos can be viewed on a phone or tablet, making them easy to watch at a time and place that’s chosen by the patient, offering privacy and confidentiality.

About Magneto Films

Magneto Films has been working with the NHS and healthcare organisations for the past 10 years, providing patient information video production.

Our current and recent clients include national public sector organisations such as NHS England and NHS Improvement, as well as large trust and individual hospitals.

We make a full range of medical films and video for healthcare providers, including case study videos, training video and campaign films.

Health related video production services

Mental health video

We work extensively in mental health video, with clients such as the South London & Maudsey Hospital, and charities including Mind.

Recruitment video

We help clients attract and recruit new staff, and motivate & retain existing staff with well made staff and employee video.

NHS Video

We provide a wide range of NHS video production services including recruitment video, case studies and NHS Comms videos.

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